Wing Commander Joseph Reginald Cyril Lane, R.A.F. Collection
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1937: Members of 79 Squadron RAF at RAF Biggin Hill.

1937: 79 Squadron RAF from RAF Biggin Hill seen in flight.
From top to bottom aircraft (working in groups of three) are:

Pilot Officer Todd-White, Squadron Leader N.A.P. Pritchett, Pilot Officer Davies.

Sergeant J.R.C. (Joe) Lane, Pilot Officer A.C. Heath and Sergeant F. S. Brown.

Pilot Officer Edwards, Pilot Officer Roberts and Pilot Officer Illingsworth.

Sergeant Whitby, Sergeant A. A. Payne and Sergeant Foster.

August 1937: Sergeant Joe Lane at North Coates Fitties.

1941: RAF Weston Zoyland, Somerset, England.
Top row left to right: P/O Borman, F/O Macauly, P/O Ness, P/O Austin, Col. Young, Major May, P/O Richardson and P/O Kawaleckl.

Front row left to right: S/Ldr Whitley, F/Lt Charnley, S/Ldr Langley, S/Ldr Cooper, F/Lt Hyde, P/O Gascoigne, P/O J. R. C. "Joe" Lane.

1941: Wing Commander George C. Unwin (later D.F.O., D.F.M. and Bar) and F/O Joe Lane alongside a Miles Magister (L8138) at RAE Farnborough.

August 13, 1942: F/Lt Joe Lane in a Miles Magister (L8138) with ATC cadets at RAE Farnborough.

August 13, 1942: F/Lt Joe Lane in a Miles Magister (L8138) with ATC cadets at RAE Farnborough.

1943: It is not known where this photo taken.
Top row from left to right: S/Ldr Prew, S/Ldr A.G. Woods, W/Cdr M. Anderson, W/Cdr Sturt, S/ Ldr Joe Lane.

Middle row left to right: S/Ldr A. M. Casey, S/Ldr W. E. French, S/Ldr H.H. Hester, S/Ldr A. Tilman,
S/Ldr W. S. Reed, S/ Ldr R. V. Haley, S/Ldr C. H. Rutland, S/Ldr F. F. Chitty and S/Ldr A. J. Fricker.

Front row left to right: W/Cdr H. A. Mooring, W/Cdr A. H. Murphy, S/Ldr Brew, G/Cdr Stokes, S/Ldr Stiles,
W/Cdr J. S. Brett, W/Cdr W. H. Rudd.

1944: The Airborne Arms in Officer's Mess, 38 Group.

April 1945: Engineer Branch 38 Group.
Top row left to right: Sgt. Reid, Lac Charles, Cpl. B. Sottie, W/O Mondy and Lae Otter.
Front row left to right: F/O Hirons, S/Ldr E. S. Williams, W/Cdr Joe Lane, S/Ldr D. R. R. H. Sergeoner,
S/Ldr Websdale, M.C.
(All photos from the collection of Wing Commander Joseph R. C. Lane, R.A.F.)
Courtesy of Chris Lane

MaritimeQuest would like to thank Chris Lane for allowing us to publish his father's photo collection and
autobiography. Making this material available to everyone is a great tribute to his father and his service
to his country. The collection is presented in the order received from Chris with the captions provided. Additional notes made by the webmaster appear in yellow text.

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