Wing Commander Joseph Reginald Cyril Lane, R.A.F. Collection
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Postcard showing Sda. Reale (main street) Valletta, Malta.

Postcard showing Chalet-Ghar id-dud - Sliema, Malta.

Postcard showing Porta Reale, main entrance to Valletta, Malta.

1933: Airman pupil pilots at RAF Sealand. Joe Lane is seen 2nd from left.

1934: RAF Sealand.

Pilot pupil Joe Lane alongside a Bristol Bulldog.

1935: Fleet Air Arm Conversion Course at RAF Calshot.
Top row left to right: Sgt. Joe Lane, P/O Beck, P/O Jurdwine [sic], P/O Hards [sic], P/O West.
Front row left to right: P/O Vielle [sic], F/O Aeycock, F/Lt Hampton, P/O Mobyneux [sic], P/O Charlton-Jones.

F/O Shepherd Smith performing. Hawker Nimrod, HMS Courageous 1935. Note hook engaged on the arrester wire.

On deck crash of a Fairey Seal (K4209) of Lt. Cdr. McKendrick 821 Squadron HMS Courageous 1935. "Left the undercarriage at the round down and slid up the deck".

A Blackburn Shark striking the superstructure of HMS Courageous.
(All photos from the collection of Wing Commander Joseph R. C. Lane, R.A.F.)
Courtesy of Chris Lane

MaritimeQuest would like to thank Chris Lane for allowing us to publish his father's photo collection and
autobiography. Making this material available to everyone is a great tribute to his father and his service
to his country. The collection is presented in the order received from Chris with the captions provided. Additional notes made by the webmaster appear in yellow text.

Page 5
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