Wing Commander Joseph Reginald Cyril Lane, R.A.F. Collection
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1929: Workshops flight testing a Napier Lion engine on the flight deck of HMS Argus.

1930: Dornier DoX (D1929) Flugschiff (flying ship) seen at Southsea, England.
At the time this was the largest most powerful aircraft built. D1929 was the first one built, with only two others ever constructed, both of those for Italy. D1929 was retired in the mid 1930s after being damaged during a landing on a lake near Passau, Germany. The aircraft became part of the Deutsche Luftfahrt-Sammlung (aviation museum) at Lehrter Bahnhof, Berlin. The aircraft and museum were destroyed in an RAF air raid on Nov. 23-24, 1943. There are some fragments of the tail on display at the Dornier Museum in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Exposicion Internacional de Barcelona 1929.

January 1930: HMS Tetrarch G-55 seen in the Bay of Biscay.

1930: A Fairey Flycatcher taking off from HMS Argus.

February 1930: Parnall Peto Seaplane (N181) being hauled out of the water after crashing on Feb. 11, 1930 off Gibraltar.
Only two of this type aircraft were built, N181 and N182. N181 crashed at Gibraltar (sen above) and was rebuilt and renumbered N255. The aircraft was lost with HMS M-2 on Feb. 26, 1932. The aircraft still remains in the sunken submarine. N182 crashed June 29, 1930 at Stokes Bay, later in private hands the attempt to rebuild the aircraft was never completed.

1930: Leading Aircraftsman Joe Lane seen in HMS Argus.

1930: Blackburn Blackburn MkII (N9988) of 450 Flight HMS Argus.

1930: Crewmen from HMS Tetrarch recovering Blackburn Blackburn MkI (N9835) of 450 Flight HMS Argus.

(All photos from the collection of Wing Commander Joseph R. C. Lane, R.A.F.)
Courtesy of Chris Lane

MaritimeQuest would like to thank Chris Lane for allowing us to publish his father's photo collection and
autobiography. Making this material available to everyone is a great tribute to his father and his service
to his country. The collection is presented in the order received from Chris with the captions provided. Additional notes made by the webmaster appear in yellow text.

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