Wing Commander Joseph Reginald Cyril Lane, R.A.F. Collection
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RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire.

1927: Four Bristol F2 Fighters and an Airco DH9A seen at RAF Cranwell.

1927: A Sopwith Snipe (E6524) seen at RAF Cranwell.

1927: A Gloster Grebe seen at RAF Cranwell.

1927: RAF Halton A/A Aerodrome Course 5-4-27. A Bristol F2 Fighter is seen in the background.

1927: A Raleigh motorcycle at RAF Halton.

1928: The groundcrew, pilot and pupil seen with their Airco DH9A at RAF Netheravon.

1929: A crashed Airco DH9A at RAF Netheravon. Pilot Officer Redpath and Flying Officer Dickens are listed on the back of the photo as the crew.

1929: Motorcycle club at RAF Netheravon.

HMS Argus.
(All photos from the collection of Wing Commander Joseph R. C. Lane, R.A.F.)
Courtesy of Chris Lane

MaritimeQuest would like to thank Chris Lane for allowing us to publish his father's photo collection and
autobiography. Making this material available to everyone is a great tribute to his father and his service
to his country. The collection is presented in the order received from Chris with the captions provided. Additional notes made by the webmaster appear in yellow text.

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