Daily Event for May 22

The passenger liner Belgravia was built in Glasgow in 1882 for the Anchor Line. She was a 400' long single funnel steamer rigged for sail and could carry over 1,600 passengers. On May 22, 1896 Belgravia was leaving St. John's, New Brunswick and heading back to Liverpool when she ran aground near Mispec Point.

The ship sailed from St. John's at 6:30 a.m. and after the pilot was put off she was in a heavy fog, the master, William Laird, made a grievous error and put the ship on the wrong course. She ran hard aground on the rocks and was stuck fast.

There were only two passengers on board, but there were two hundred-thirty three crew, fortunately all got off the ship. Tugs were employed to pull the wreck free, but to no avail. Capt. Laird admitted his mistake to the court of inquiry and he was found guilty and had his certificate suspended for three months.
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