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June 17, 2014

I am working in the Dept. of Endocrinology & Metabolism at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. My father M. Francis Ambrose had served in the Indian Air Force and was discharged as Warrant Officer. I came across a photo (below) of my father (seated third from left in the first row) and his colleagues when he was with Squadron No. 1 of the Royal Indian Air Force (RIAF).

I suppose this must be their last photo as a group taken at Chaklala (now called Nur Khan Air Base in Rawalpindi) because it is dated August 1947. I also read on the internet that after 15th August 1947,
Squadron No. 1 of RIAF ceased to exist. Maybe, after the photograph, they all came back to India in the same plane pictured in the background, but I could not ask him about this because I found the photo after he passed away.

I was keen to know more about the background of that photo and was happy to come across the collection of photos of Wing Commander Joseph Reginald Cyril Lane's put up on the website by his son Chris Lane. On going through my father's Discharge Certificate, there is also mention of my father being posted with the RAF 212 Squadron in 1944.

With best wishes,
Dr. M. Eunice

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