MaritimeQuest Library

Author /Contributor
Dirk H. R. Spennemann &
Murray Parker
Army and Navy Uniforms and Insignia 1918
Col. Dion Williams, USMC
Badges and Their Meaning
George Philip & Sons Ltd.
Countermeasures Against Suicide Planes
May 1945 U.S. Navy
Coronation Review of the Fleet
(Spithead 20 May 1937)
Courtesy of David Butler, RN
Depth Charge Pocket Book (BR 1063)
Admiralty Sept. 1944
Flags, Badges and Arms of the British
Dominions Beyond The Seas Part 1 & 2
H.M. Stationery Office
Four Years Against Hitler
Alfred Rosenbaum
(Fratured in the Press & Journal)
German Army and Navy Uniforms and Insignia
U.S. Government
Historical Roll of Women Awarded The
Military Medal During The Great War
Lt. Cdr. John Henry Leslie, RN
Hitler Speaks
Dr. Hermann Rauschnig
(Featured in The Telegraph)
Identification of The World's Military, Naval
and Air Uniforms, Insignia and Flags 1943
Military Service Publishing Co.
International Code of Signals 2003
National Imagery and Mapping
Japanese Methods of Prisoner of War
G.H.Q. Supreme Commander For
The Allied Powers
Korean War Crimes Report
Korean War Crimes Div.
HMS Formidable
Andrew W. Ramsey
HMS Concord Association
Life Under The Nazi Conquerors
By Michael Sobanski
Loyal and Steadfast The Story of H.M.S. Consort
H.M.S. Consort Association
Memories and Records Vol. 1
Admiral of the Fleet Lord Fisher
Memories and Records Vol. 2
Admiral of the Fleet Lord Fisher
Military and Naval Recognition Book 1917
Lt. J. W. Bunkley, USN
Military and Naval Recognition Book 1918
Lt. Cdr. J. W. Bunkley, USN
Military and Naval Recognition Book 1943
RADM J. W. Bunkley, USN (Ret.)
My Memoirs Vol. 1
Grand Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz
My Memoirs Vol. 2
Grand Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz
Nelson's Flagship
Geoffrey Callender
New List of all the Vessels of Her Majesties
Royal Navy (1710)
Pocket Guide of Uniform Insignia
Special Service Div. U.S. Army
Rank and Badges in the Navy, Army, RAF
and Auxiliaries 1943
George Philip & Sons, London
Rank at a Glance in the Army and Navy
George Philip & Sons, London
Ship' Badges of His Majesty's Royal Navies
Guita Percha & Rubber Ltd.
Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet (1941)
James C. Fahey
(Courtesy of Vladimir Tarnovski)
Submarines of the World's Navies (1911)
Charles W. Domville-Fife
Stalin Unmasked
Eugene Lyons, San Antonio Light
Trafalgar Roll (Names of all officers of the
Royal Navy and Royal Marines at Trafalgar)
Col. Robert H. MacKenzie, FSA
Uniforms and Insignia Foreign Navies 1941
U.S. Navy
Uniforms Decorations Medals and Badges of
the United States Navy 1941
U.S. Govt. Printing Office
Uniforms of the Chaplain Corps United States
Navy 1985
Cdr. H. Lawrence Martin, USN
What's Going On In Soviet Russia
Spencer Williams
(The Winnipeg Tribune)
Where Hitler Stands
A series of newspaper articles
by Wallace R. Deuel