Wing Commander Joseph Reginald Cyril Lane, R.A.F. Collection
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1935: HMS Courageous seen off Southsea, England.

1935: A Hawker Osprey of 800 FF Squadron being catapulted from HMS Courageous.

Join the Navy and see the world. A comfortable quarter, the Sergeant's mess in HMS Courageous, the last word in comfort.

Sgt. Joe Lane seen in a Hawker Nimrod.

Dec. 1935: A damaged Hawker Nimrod at Edcu, Egypt. The aircraft turned over on landing.

January 4, 1936: Sgt. Joe Lane "showing how it's done." Delivering a Hawker Nimrod from Aboukir, Egypt to HMS Courageous.

September 1, 1936: Lt. Kendall's Hawker Nimrod (K2912) of HMS Courageous which landed in the sea after an engine failure.

September 9, 1936: Lt. Kendall's Hawker Nimrod (K2912) being hauled aboard HMS Courageous.

The Home Fleet. Among the ships seen are HM Battleships Hood, Nelson and Rodney. There are also three Queen Elizabeth class battleships and either HMS Renown or HMS Repulse.

September 25, 1936: Sgt Joe Lane in a Hawker Nimrod missed the arrestor wire and hit the island of HMS Courageous. Returning from a mock bombing of HMS Orion in company with the Home Fleet.
(All photos from the collection of Wing Commander Joseph R. C. Lane, R.A.F.)
Courtesy of Chris Lane

MaritimeQuest would like to thank Chris Lane for allowing us to publish his father's photo collection and
autobiography. Making this material available to everyone is a great tribute to his father and his service
to his country. The collection is presented in the order received from Chris with the captions provided. Additional notes made by the webmaster appear in yellow text.

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