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Sept. 9, 2019

I was stationed  aboard CVA-66 from 6/72 till 8/75. The America was unique among super carriers as it had a bow mounted Sonar on it. Ideal platform for sonar, with one drawback; maneuverability. We could pick up submarine contacts about three times as far as our escorts. We usually would pass the same contact to the escorts to pursue. Made two full cruises and a North Atlantic mini-cruise. Many fond memories. Went from Seaman deuce Sonarman to Sonarman 2nd class, aboard her.

David W. Floyd

Nov. 2, 2018

I'm trying to get records or logs from my time on board the USS America CVA-66 also manifest from when they flew me from the ship to Danang, Vietnam from there back to states where I was discharged. I'm trying to prove I was in country on land was in Danang for a couple of weeks. I have medical coditions trying to receive benefits.

Thank you,
Tom Daniels

July 30, 2018

Nice pictures of CV-66. Served as ship's company 1980-84. Was in S-6 Division. Left ship during 3rd deployment. AK3 was my rate. Thanks for the memories.

Brian Smith

Dec. 5, 2016

The pictures on page 6 of America arriving on Jan 28th 1996 are incorrect. I was in one of the squadrons and did not fly off and was annoyed because we pulled in on my birthday, Feb 23rd , 1996. That is the day we pulled in.

Tom "Doc" Dougherty
Herndon, Virginia

Dec. 6, 2015

I am looking for a 1989 USS America Cruisebook for purchase. My husband served at this time and he never received his book and would be thrilled to have a copy.

Thank you,
Laurie Evans

July 22, 2013

I was onboard the America from Aug. 1983 through June 1985 as a personnel officer, 3rd class. I was 21 years old and experiencing what are still now at 50 years old some of the fondest memories of my life. I had been looking online for port visit information for the America for the 3 cruises I was a part of and stumbled onto reading about her now being at the bottom of the Atlantic. I felt a sadness and in looking for photos of her I came across this site, pleased to see the great shots that others had captured. Thank you for sharing them and affording me the blessing it was to see her again.

All the best,
Larry Myers
(formerly PN3 Myers)

Apr. 13, 2013

Great site!!! I'm a plank owner on CVA-66.  A V-4 div. original member.  Thanks for the information and great photos!! So sad she was scuttled. Thanks again!!!

Frankie Blodgett ABFAN

Mar. 5, 2012

The photo on page 5 "November 10, 1989: Sailors man the rails as the USS America CV-66 arrives at her homeport NAS Norfolk, Virginia following deployment." The homeport for USS AMERICA was NOB (Naval Operating Base) Norfolk, VA, not NAS (Naval Air Station) Norfolk, VA. Other than that one error I found your tribute to the AMERICA very interesting.

Thanks for your work and service,
Hartley Odom

Mar. 27, 2011

I was onboard the USS AMERICA from 1964-1967 and I was wanting to know if there was any place I can get ships photo books from that time frame. I see from the photos on your great web site that she was sunk and is there any reunion any place for her crew? I was shipped off of her in 1967 and transferred to the USS ESSEX to finish my enlistment.

Thomas Bacorn
Fowler, Ohio

Oct. 30, 2010

Great work done on this site. It's just awesome. Allot of memories were brought back when reading some comments and photos of ex-America crew members. I served two West-Pac deployments in 1968 and 1970. Was assigned to the Port-side Terrier Missile Launcher in SAM and later GM Division (Weapons Dept). Does anyone in the Medical Dept remember my accident on the Starboard Side Terrier Missile Launcher sponson ?
America was on an ORI training off Puerto Rico area in 1968. I fell from an area under the flight deck overhang to the steel deck of the Starboard side Missile Launcher platform. I don't remember what transpired after that. I was unconscious. My ex-crew members stated that I was placed on a stokes stretcher and hauled up over the flight deck with a rope and carried down a bomb elevator to sick bay. I would like to know who were the corpsmen who carried me to sick bay or anyone who remembers this incident.

I have made a DVD copy of America's 1970 West Pac Deployment from the time we left Pier 12, Norfolk, Va. in April 1970 to the time America's return to Norfolk, Pier 12, in Dec 1970. If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy of this DVD, please contact me via e-mail @ (The cost is $10.00 to cover the DVD and shipping)

Ernest Reyes
San Antonio, Texas

Aug. 18, 2010

This is a great site. Thank you very much. I was a SH3 on board the USS AMERICA CVA 66 for her second Med cruise and her first around the world Vietnam West Pac cruise 1965-1967. She was a wonderful lady.

Ernie Vescovo
Memphis, Tennessee

Aug. 12, 2010

I was stationed (several times) on the USS AMERICA (CVA-66) as a Hospital Corpsman assigned to the 6th and 8th Marines, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina beginning in 1981. It was on (what I used to call "My Miss America") the USS AMERICA that I made the rank of and proudly pinned my 'crow' on my arm. I made many life-long friends amongst my Marine Brothers, some of which I still, almost 30 years later, maintain contact. The days and years have quickly passed as some memories have slightly faded; I have fond memories of 'getting myself lost' in her passageways and decks. May the spirit and the FREEDOM the USS AMERICA brought to so many soldiers and sailors continue with calm seas and prevailing winds.

I would like to know if there is a 'member roster' or perhaps an 'association' established for those of us that were stationed on the "CVA." Thank you for posting the site...looking forward to your response.

Edward Terrell, M.D.
La Jolla, California

Dec. 22, 2008

A great ship, I served aboard 1972-1974. Thanks for the pictures.

PR3 Phillip Steele

Aug. 18, 2007

This is a cool site! I served aboard her from '82-86' in V-4 div(Air Dept). Some of the pic's I recognize from my cruise book,very well done. I was sad to see her sank,The best years of my young life was my experience on the AMERICA.

Michael Kittman, ABF 2

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