HMS / HMAS Vampire D-68
Roll of Honour

In memory of those who lost their lives in HMS/HMAS Vampire D-68
"Heroes all of them"

July 18, 1920
Ayling, Harry T.
Leading Stoker (RN)
Drowned at Spithead
Nov. 2, 1920
Ward, F. G.
Able Seaman (RN)
Cause of death unknown
Dec. 24, 1929
Hasarl, Frederick L.
Chief Stoker (RN)
Died of illness
Served as Frederick L. Barnes
July 11, 1940
Endicott, John H.
Gunner (T) (RAN)
Italian air attack in Med.
June 8, 1941
Freeman, Spencer M.
Stoker 2nd Class (RANR)
Air attack in Med.
Nov. 27, 1941
Fishenden, Cyril A.
Able Seaman (RAN)
Cause of death unknown
Apr. 9, 1942
Sinking of HMAS Vampire
Blakeney, George A. J.
Stoker (RAN)
Carey, John V. A.
Petty Officer Stoker (RANR)
Gyss, Louis A.
Petty Officer Stoker (RAN)
Hill, Joseph H.
Stoker (RANR)
Lord, Ronald E.
Chief Petty Officer Stoker (RAN)
MacDonald, Ronald A. H.
Petty Officer (RAN)
Died of wounds Apr. 13
Moran, William T. A.
Commander (RAN)
Shaw, Arnold S.
Ordinary Signalman (RN)
Williams, George H.
Stoker (RANR)

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