HMS Eagle
Chief Petty Officer Cook Sidney Budd, R.N. Collection (1907-1988)
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1929-30 Football team.

Football champions.

Admiral of cruiser squadron presenting awards, date and location unknown.

Crewmen of HMS Eagle seen in a parade at Malta.

Hanger deck of HMS Eagle decorated for a dance.

A dance in the hanger deck of HMS Eagle.
(All photos from the collection of CPO Cook Sidney Budd, R.N.)
Courtesy of David Budd
Scans by Philip J. Heydon, I.S.M.

MaritimeQuest is very grateful to David Budd for giving us access to his fathers collection and allowing us to publish the collection. Many thanks are also due to Philip J. Heydon for scanning the collection.

CPO Cook Sidney Budd, R.N. Collection
Page 4
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