HMS Eagle
Chief Petty Officer Cook Sidney Budd, R.N. Collection (1907-1988)
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June 29, 1929: A boat from HMS Eagle seen approaching the aircraft of Major Ramón Franco which had been adrift since June 22. The aircraft, a Dornier DoJ (Wal) seaplane named Numancia, took off from Los Alcazares (Cartagena), Spain on June 21 en route to New York via the Azores and Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada with a crew of four. The pilot Franco (brother of Francisco Franco), navigator Captain Ruiz de Alda navigator, Major Gallarza and a mechanic named Madaraiga intended to make a record flight for a seaplane across the Atlantic and back in 10 days.

However winds blew them off course and the clouds obscured their view and they over flew the Azores. The aircraft ran out of fuel and was put down in the ocean. A great search was made for them and the story gained a worldwide audience. It was reported on June 28 that all hope of finding them alive had been given up because of the length of time they had been missing and storms that were in the area. Nevertheless HMS Eagle continued the search and found the aircraft and all four men alive on June 29.

The Dornier DoJ (Wal) Numancia seen alongside HMS Eagle.

The Dornier DoJ (Wal) Numancia seen alongside HMS Eagle.

The Dornier DoJ (Wal) Numancia on the flight deck of HMS Eagle.

Captain Hubert E. Dannreuther, D.S.O., R.N., commanding officer of HMS Eagle seen with the rescued crew of the aircraft. Major Ramón Franco is seen second from left.

The ship's Company march past the First Lord of Admiralty at Malta. A Royal Sovereign class battleship is seen in the background.

HMS Eagle seen in a floating drydock at Malta in 1929.
(All photos from the collection of CPO Cook Sidney Budd, R.N.)
Courtesy of David Budd
Scans by Philip J. Heydon, I.S.M.

MaritimeQuest is very grateful to David Budd for giving us access to his fathers collection and allowing us to publish the collection. Many thanks are also due to Philip J. Heydon for scanning the collection.

CPO Cook Sidney Budd, R.N. Collection
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