Leading Seaman Maurice Cluer, R.N. Collection
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"Winnie" a Supermarine Walrus alongside HMS King George V.

"Winnie" a Supermarine Walrus being hoisted aboard HMS King George V.

A 5.25" (133mm) gun crew on HMS King George V.

"Watts Old Boys"
Front row left to right Shepherd, Flood, Beech.
Center left to right; Unknown, Unknown, Maurice Cluer.
Rear; Coulthard.

Christmas Day on HMS King George V.
All photos from the collection of Leading Seaman Maurice Cluer, R.N.
Courtesy of Peter Cluer

Maurice Cluer served in HMS King George V during the Second World War and was onboard during the epic chase and battle with the German battleship Bismarck. In 1947 he left the navy and became a police officer. As of the publication of these photos he 87, alive and well.

All the photo captions have been provided by Maurice and Peter, the collection has been arranged by subject as dates are unavailable. Thanks to Peter Cluer for scanning the photos and thanks to Maurice for allowing MaritimeQuest to publish his collection.

Maurice Cluer Collection
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Page published Mar. 15, 2010