HMS King George V (1939)
Roll of Honour

In memory of those who lost their lives in
HMS King George V
"As long as we embrace them in our memory, their spirit will always be with us"

Dec. 7, 1940
Orr, William J.
Warrant Shipwright
Died if illness
Apr. 28, 1941
Porter, Edgar R.
Yeoman of Signals
Cause unknown
July 28, 1941
Race, Leslie C.
Stoker 2nd Class
Cause unknown
Aug. 24, 1941
Taylor, Seth N.
Petty Officer
Cause unknown
Dec. 15, 1941
MacFarlane, James H.
Ordinary Seaman
Overboard, drowned
Mar. 28, 1942
Seymour, Ronald
Ordnance Artificer 4th Class
Cause unknown
June 24, 1942
Flory, Eric H.
Warrant Supply Officer
On board accident
Mentioned in Despatches
Aug. 11, 1942
King, George E.
Assistant Cook (O)
Cause unknown
Jan. 8, 1943
Gibson, Samuel M.
Supply Assistant
Died of illness
Apr. 21, 1943
Coote, Stanley G.
Mechanician 2nd Class
Cause unknown
May 29, 1943
Varley, Kenneth L.
Boy 1st Class
Cause unknown
Age 15
Dec. 22, 1943
Harris, George H.
Able Seaman
Cause unknown
Dec. 29, 1944
Downs, Gordon
Electrical Mechanic 4th Class
Cause unknown
Mar. 13, 1945
Blandford, Charles W.
Chief Petty Officer
Died of illness
June 6, 1948
Johnson, James
Marine (Royal Marines)
Cause unknown
Oct. 24, 1948
Paterson, Robert O.
Captain (Royal Marines)
Cause unknown
May 6, 1949
Taylor, Christopher N.
Stoker Mechanic
Cause unknown

Roll of Honour
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