Captain Arthur Phillip, R.N. Monument
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

A small monument dedicated to Captain Arthur Phillip, R.N. located at the Circular Quay, adjacent to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, Australia. As commander of the First Fleet and first Governor of New South Wales between the years 1786, being appointed as Governor of the proposed colony 2 years prior to departure of the Fleet, and 1792 when he returned to England due to poor health. 

Phillip had served with distinction in the Royal Navy during the American War of Independence and with the Portuguese Navy during the Spanish-Portuguese War before being appointed to establish the penal colony in NSW, the success of the colony largely the result of his efforts under extremely difficult circumstances. After his return to England and improved health, he continued service with the Royal Navy, eventually rising to the rank of Admiral shortly before his death in 1814. He is buried at Bathampton in the church of St Nicholas and another memorial to Phillip can be found in the Bath Abby.

A memorial fountain dedicated to Arthur Philip is located within the Royal Botanic Gardens close to the eastern side of Macquarie Street's northern end in Sydney.


Close-up of the bust of Capt. Phillip.


The upper inscription on the monument.


The lower inscription on the monument.

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