Leading Seaman Leslie Albert "Les" Belton, R.N. Collection
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HMS Concord seen during a typhoon.

The damaged fresh vegetable locker on HMS Concord.

The damaged upper deck of HMS Concord.

Crewmen of HMS Concord, from left to right: Andy, Jock, Thomo, Jock, Knocker White (undated).

Two crewmen of HMS Concord and a local, from left to right: Billy Booth, Ahmoy, Norman Taylor (undated).

Crewmen of HMS Concord, from left to right: Townie and Pete (undated).

Buster Bullen seen in an undated photo.

David Cann seen in sickbay (undated).

Able Seaman David McManus, a diver, at HMS Tamar, Hong Kong.
(For more information on him see Message #3)
(All photos from the collection of Leading Seaman Les Belton, R.N.)
Courtesy of Julie Newman

Les Belton joined the Royal Navy in 1947 and served until 1953. He carried a camera and took many photos of the activities of HMS Concord. He was in the ship when HMS Amethyst made good her escape from the Yangtze River and took a series of photos of the ship just after emerging into the East China Sea. His daughter, Julie Newman, has provided scans of this collection to MaritimeQuest and we are proud to be able to publish them on the site.

Page 10
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