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Apr. 26, 2019

My wife, Trudie Ellis, is the granddaughter of Diver David McManus. We have heard that you have a photo of him on your MaritimeQuest website, but we are unable to find it. (Photo is on this page)

Trudie's grandfather was murdered in Hong Kong and she nor her father ever got to meet him and have no photos of him. Sadly 10 years ago David McManus, Trudie's father, the son of Diver David McManus, also passed away. We both went to Hong Kong in February of this year and visited her grandfathers grave for the first time, it was very emotional for her.

Diver (Able Seaman) David McManus was involved in a drunken argument with another serving member of RN in Hong Kong and was pushed over a balcony, he died a week later from his injuries. His Son was six month old and he had not even had the chance to see him, let alone hold him.

There are four generations of David McManus'. I have no idea if Able Seaman David McManus's father was also a David McManus, but his name lives on. His Son (Deceased aged 58), Grandson (Currently aged 43) and Great Grandson (Currently aged 7) all have the name David McManus. 

Warm regards,
Rex Ellis

The grave of Able Seaman David McManus in Hong Kong.

The photo sent to us by MaritimeQuest (right) now shows him next to the picture of his son, also David McManus. He is pictured holding his Granddaughter. Sadly he passed away 10 years ago and never got to hold either of his Great Granddaughters. Thanks to you and your website, our Granddaughters will be able to look at their Great, Great, Grandfather's picture as they grow up.

Jan. 18, 2015

On page numbered seven you have in a fashion produced excellent photographic evidence that points to 'H.M.S. Concord' operational role in the 1949 Yangtze Incident. However in order to establish the authenticity of that photographic evidence, I am attaching two items to this email, the first item is a photocopy of a page from H.M.S. Concord's ships log, which is 'now readily available at Kew Archives' having been taken out of commission 31st July 1949. And the second item is a copy of a poem that was written by Leading Seaman, Jock Black, 31st July 1949.


William Leitch, R.N.

A page from the log of HMS Concord.


Jan. 12, 2015

Really great to see my grandad's pictures up here for everyone to see. I remember him telling me stories of his time in the navy. Townie, the monkey, and the dog that got washed overboard in a storm. He still loved the sea till the day he died, regularly taking his boat out on fishing trips from sandbanks in Poole. Greatly missed.

Craig Newman

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