Texans Say Goodbye to Lance Corporal Brandon T. Lara, U.S.M.C.
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The final Texas Patriot Guard Rider passes by, as can be seen they were out in force on this July day.

Much of the motorcade seen en route to the funeral home.

More vehicles in the motorcade.

After the last car in the motorcade passed the soldiers were called to attention and then fell out.

The last man standing, after the crowd had dispersed this one man remained for a few minuets longer holding an American flag for all those on the highway to see.
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The event on the bridge was not an organized event, but rather an invitation by one man, Vietnam veteran Dale Maker, who told a local reporter that he would be on the bridge to await the procession and invited others to join him. The people who were assembled came out of respect for a fallen Marine, someone most of them probably had never known. For me it was a moving experience to see so many strangers standing on a bridge to honor an American soldier who had given his life in service of our country. It is my understanding that this was not the only gathering along the highway, it was reported in the local paper that hundreds gathered on the route from Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio to New Braunfels where it was my honor to be lucky enough to come across the exit where the procession ended. MaritimeQuest extends our deepest sympathy to the family of Lance Corporal Brandon T. Lara, thank God that such men answer the call to defend freedom.
-Michael W. Pocock

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Page published July 27, 2009