Texans Say Goodbye to Lance Corporal Brandon T. Lara, U.S.M.C.
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A group who arrived on Harleys stand in somber respect as the motorcade passes by.

The hearse carrying the body of Lance Corporal Brandon T. Lara passes by.

Some of the escort vehicles in the motorcade.

Members of the Texas Patriot Guard Riders escorted the body of Lance Corporal Lara during his final journey. The Patriot Guard is a nationwide group of volunteers, many veterans themselves, who ride in escort of most if not all fallen service members. They were formed in response to protestors who feel the need to disrupt this most solemn moment to express their opposition to the U.S. military. There were many such disruptions until this group formed to protect those who died protecting us, there are now few if any such protests, the Patriot Guard makes sure of that.

More Texas Patriot Guard Riders seen in the motorcade. I don't know how many riders there were, but there were well over 100 bikes in the procession.
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Page 4
Page published July 27, 2009