Seaman 1st Class Elmer Alfred Bishop, U.S.N.R. Collection
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Elmer A. Bishop seen Apr. 30, 2015.
(Photo courtesy of Richard Brooks)

Seaman 1st Class Elmer Alfred Bishop's navy card.

Elmer A. Bishop's USS New Mexico veterans certificate.

Elmer A. Bishop's Crossing the Line certificate dated Dec. 11, 1942.

A letter to the parents of Elmer A. Bishop notifying them that he has been discharged and will soon be returning home.

A pre-war photo of USS New Mexico BB-40.

A look inside one of the 14"/50 main guns of USS New Mexico BB-40.

Officer pollywogs become shellbacks the hard way during the Crossing the Line ceremony.

An America Bald Eagle fished out of the water in the north Pacific. (Probably during deployment to the Aleutians.)

Officers and men of USS New Mexico BB-40 await for a USO show to begin.

A singer during the USO show.
(All photos from the collection of Seaman 1st Class Elmer Alfred Bishop, USNR)

This collection was provided to MaritimeQuest by a contributor who wishes to remain antonymous. We have attempted to present the photos in chronological order with the information provided, however some of the photos may be out of order as there was a lack of information about the collection.

As of Apr. 2015 Mr. Bishop, now 94, is living in Bellevue, Washington.

Please note there are a number of graphic photos of Japanese war dead, if such pictures would be disturbing to you do not continue through this photo gallery.

Seaman 1st Class Elmer Alfred Bishop, USNR Collection
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