Horst Wessel (1936)
USCG Eagle WIX-327
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Aug. 23, 2008

Just visited your site, which was forwarded to me by a colleague. I saved it as a 'favorite' and will visit often. It is one of the most interesting and informative maritime sites available. I am a maritime history scholar, and artist. My original oil painting of The Eagle (painted in l976) is on display aboard the Eagle at this writing. The Tall Ships, 22 of them, starring The Eagle are on display for 5 days in San Diego Harbor. They depart Sunday. Thank you for providing this excellent source of information.

June D. Moeser,
San Diego, California
(Author: The Four Sentinels, the story of San Diego's four lighthouses)

Mary Kirk stands beside the portrait by June D. Moeser on display on USCG Eagle WIX-327 in San Diego,
California. (Photo by Gerry Kirk)

Close up of the plaque.
(Photo by Gerry Kirk)
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