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June 10, 2008

My name is Rose Sampson. I just ran across your page and thought is was wonderful. I loved the pictures. It is interesting to know that the ship was completed the month and year my son was born and now he serves on the Kauffman.  He has been in the Navy since he graduated in 2005.  We are very proud of him. Thank you for the pictures.

Rose Sampson
proud parent

May 2, 2008

My name is Ed Ducette. SM3 (SW) Ducette when I was onboard the Special K. I just recently discovered this wonderful site of yours. I was attached to Kauffman from 86 to 90. I was PCU and commissioned this awesome vessel into service. I have many pictures of ship and crew I would like to share with you. Being part of this ship was one of the best times in my life. I miss all those who I served with on board this mighty ship. I will go through the stack of pictures I have and send a few to you. BZ for an outstanding job documenting the life and times of this valiant warrior.

Edward L. Ducette
Plankowner USS Kauffman FFG-59


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