USS Momsen DDG-92
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August 20, 2004: Momsen DDG-92 arriving at Panama City, Florida for the commissioning ceremony.


October 9, 2004: USS Momsen DDG-92 and USS Jarrett FFG-33 in San Francisco Bay for the Parade of Ships
during Fleet Week.


October 14, 2004: USS Momsen DDG-92 arriving at her homeport Naval Station Everett, Washington for the
first time.


March 31, 2005: Members of the Ceremonial Rifle Guard fire a 21 gun salute in honor of the passing of Capt. Charles Bowers Momsen Jr., the son of Vice Admiral Charles B. "Swede" Momsen, the ship's namesake.


April 6, 2006: USS Momsen DDG-92 departing Everett, Washington for her maiden deployment.


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