USS Indianapolis CA-35
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Indianapolis CA-35 seen during a high speed trial in October or November of 1932.

USS Indianapolis CA-35 seen at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard some time in 1933.

May 31, 1934: USS Indianapolis CA-35 at New York for the Fleet Review. President Franklin D. Roosevelt is embarked on the ship and is standing in the reviewing stand under the raised guns of the #2 turret. The Presidential flag can be seen flying from the main mast.

May 31, 1934: From left to right: Secretary of the Navy Claude A. Swanson, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Ambassador to Mexico Josephus Daniels seen on board the USS Indianapolis CA-35 during the Fleet Review at New York.

May 31, 1934: USCG Mojave WPG-47 renders honors to the USS Indianapolis CA-35 with a 21 gun salute to President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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