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Jan. 11, 2008

I have been tasked to determine the feasibility of modernizing the port side lift of the USS Intrepid. I am wondering if any of your connections would have any information on the operation of this aircraft lift or a similar lift on a compatible aircraft carrier. It is my understanding that the aircraft lift was installed during a 1952 retro-fit. When this aircraft lift was installed the rails where made to have a safety installed on the lift. The safety was never installed. My main interest is in this safety. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

John T. Mitchell

Regional Field Engineer

Otis Elevator Company
516 West 34th Street
New York, New York

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Jan. 16, 2008

I do not know how much help this would be, but USS Yorktown and USS Hornet which are both museum ships have the same basic port side elevator (lift) as Intrepid. Lexington had one, but what I have read indicates that the lift was taken out of service sometime during her service as a training carrier. Perhaps the safety that Mr. Mitchell is inquiring about exists on one of these museum ships, and that the caretakers or Facility Engineer on these ships could be contacted for information. I do not know if he has tried this route yet. Another would be to contact Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, which did several of these elevator installations as part of the SCB-125 modernizations to the Essex class carriers, including Lexington, Yorktown and Hornet. They are still in operation as a yard, and given the historical significance of Intrepid, and the fact that her care and upkeep is still of interest to the Navy, perhaps someone at Puget could help.

David Buell

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Apr. 8, 2008

I'm a researcher in Seattle that has been going through the records for Puget Sound Naval Shipyard for a couple of years. These are records that were turned over to the National Archives & Records Administration
(NARA) and are held at their regional facility in Seattle, Washington. Intrepid was not modernized at Puget sound and records for her are not held there. There may be some records of a similar system for the Yorktown and Hornet but they would most likely be more correspondence than technical plans. Your best bet would actually probably be NARA II in College Park, Maryland, or possibly the NE regional archives, depending on where her overhauls were done at. NARA II would be a lot more likely to contain plans and specifications than the regionals.

Tracy White

Apr. 9, 2008

I actually spoke to the guys who run the Lexington and they where a great help. They took some pictures and sent them up to me. As far as the records are concerned I believe we have all the information we need.  I have sent my bosses the scope of work to do this project and hopefully they will do the right thing and tackle it. Thanks for all your help and I will try to keep you informed if we move forward with this.

John T. Mitchell

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