HMS Alliance P-417 / S-67
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Ex-PO David Yeoman stands under the stern escape trucking in the stern torpedo compartment. When lowered for emergency escape the trunk is lashed to the four fixings located just in from of  David's feet.  Behind him is one of the immersion suits which would be donned by the trapped crewmen. These are stowed in the boxes located throughout the compartment and identified by red flashing. When ready and as the compartment is flooded to permit equalization of pressure before breaking open the escape hatch each man connects his suit breathing tube to the one of rows of spigots at the deckhead marked in red "dayglo". These are emergency air supply pipes. Then one by one they duck into the lowered flooded trunk and up through the hatch, protected against the elements whilst on the surface awaiting pickup.


The aft torpedo compartment and inboard ends of the 2 stern torpedo tubes. An emergency escape immersion suit can just be seen on the right of the picture.


Overall view of the aft torpedo room.

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Additional information for this page was provided by Petty Officer David Yeoman RN (ret.)


Page 5
Page published Aug. 8, 2008