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July 9, 2007

I am an LCAC craftmaster with the U.S. Navy recently deployed in the NAG with the HMS Cornwall. We did a series of close-in flybys on the ship and they were able to take several pictures from their Lynx helo. I am trying to track down some of the overhead shots, but have not been able to locate an email address for the ship. I do have the name of, who I believe was, the flight observer at the time. Her name is Lieutenant Rebecca 'Bex' Martin. If you have any resources available to aid in contacting them it would help. Any assistance you can render would be greatly appreciated.

MMC Jason Smith
LC07 Craftmaster
ACU4 US Navy

Apr. 4, 2007

Great to hear of the release of our naval and marine forces. I am pleased that restraint and diplomacy seem to have won the day.

'Janner' Kuwait

Apr. 1, 2007

Dear Crew of HMS Cornwall:
The Iranians have captured your crew members by illegal means. The only way to get these people back is to threaten Iran with some force. These people that lead Iran have to be stopped now with some military action as negotiation meets nothing to them except weakness from the UK and the rest of the EU countries who are unwilling to call Iran on this point. I hope the sailors and marines are returned safely but I do not expect the Iranians to comply with talk as they will see that action as further weakness from the civilized countries of the world.

Unless they release the sailors in the next 10-days, then Tony Blair should give them an ultimatum that their lone oil refinery will be destroyed and there will be a naval blockage on any ocean shipments in and out of Iran. These mullahs only understand force to make them take action to release these sailors and marines.
Good luck in this act of war on the UK.

WE Carter

Apr. 1, 2007

I've been following this story on CNN (Cable News Network) and I can only hope that the 15 Royal Navy Sailors and Marines are rescued before any harm can come to them. They were on a United Nations-sanctioned anti-drug smuggling mission and for whatever reason only known to the Iranians, were taken captive. I do not, for a second, believe they were in Iranian waters. They've become convenient scapegoats. I wonder what the perception is, of the Iranian men who took these people hostage, of Faye Turney, the sole woman and Leading Sailor (Seaman)?

I feel for Nathan Summers, Paul Barton, Danny Masterton, Joe Tindall and Marine Adam Sperry. I'm sure that Faye's family in Hayle, England are feeling sick about her capture as are the others' families. If necessary, I hope Prime Minister Tony Blair, takes military action to show the Iranian government that he means business if the Iran procrastinates about giving up these people. The Iranian government is hurting itself more than making a political statement to the U.S. by taking all these sailors/marine, hostage.

Carol Nye
Ontario, Canada


Mar. 23, 2007

MaritimeQuest stands with the United Kingdom in demanding the immediate release of the personnel captured
illegally by Iranian forces on this day. We believe this is an act of war and should not be tolerated and will
not go unnoticed. We hope for the safe return of all Royal Navy sailors and Royal Marines.

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