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Apr. 29, 2016

I am trying to find out the name of a crew member who served on HMS Jersey in the second world war who went by the nick name of GINNS. I have a photo of him (showing below) which is signed Ernest A... But the surname is unreadable, it appears to be GUINE....But is eligible. Is there anywhere I can find a crew list for this time? I live in Kingston upon Hull and it appears he was known to my family around the time JERSEY was undergoing repairs in the Hull Docks which I believe would be 1939/40. I am not familiar with naval ranks but he appears to have been an officer and has two chevrons on the left arm of his uniform with a badge above, two anchors crossed with a crown above them.  Any help would be helpful.

Ted Richardson


Oct. 2, 2012

My father in Law now aged 90 was a survivor of the Jersey in 1941.  He would be delighted to find out if anyone else from the ship was still alive.  Do you have any suggestions as to obtaining this information.

Yours faithfully,
Ingrid Maughan

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