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Nov. 30, 2020

My grandfather was John Hodgson Dymond, from Wales, who served on the HMS Newfoundland. I don't know the exact dates of his service, but I know that he was in Tokyo Bay for the signing of the Japanese Surrender. I would love to know more about his experience onboard this vessel and share with my family. I am also an artist and would like additional information so that in order to honor his service.

Thank you for your time, 
Angus Galloway

Dec. 10, 2018

Did anyone know A/B Raymond Greville Adams (Sam) who was on board H. M. S. Newfoundland when in Boston 1943 for repairs. He was tragically killed there, aged 21. He is also buried there. I am a close relative doing research.

Many thanks,
Bryan Hopkins

Sept. 8, 2017

I noticed on the message board for H.M.S. Newfoundland (No 5) on your MaritimeQuest web site that Glen Bertram is interested in ship mates of his grandad who served on board the Newfoundland in World War II.  My father was an RDS Operator on this ship from 1943 - 1946 and I have photos and memorabilia that belonged to my father and would be willing to share these with the view that it may be possible to identify some of the men on the photos.  Before my father's death in 2002 I asked him to write a record of his World War II experience, which he did and although it his personal record, it gives an indication of what the men went through whilst serving on board H.M.S. Newfoundland.

Also, a friend of mine is trying to reunite some medals to family members but we have very little information. The recipient is G.W. Pickering and he was a Leading Seaman in the RN in World War II.  If anyone can provide additional information about G.W. Pickering that would be helpful, but if they can provide evidence that he is part of their family, then the medals can be returned to the rightful family.
I hope you can advise me of what I can do now.

(A/B James C. Levett, R.N. Photo Collection)

(Life in the Royal Navy 1941-1946 by James C. Levett)

Many thanks,
Hilary Ferguson

July 20, 2017

I am the Grandson of Roland (Ron) Fenny who has just passed away aged 90. He was a Sergeant on HMS Newfoundland in 1945 and present when in Tokyo bay when the Japanese surrendered on the USS Missouri on 2 nd Sept 1945 - he was only 18 at the time. I would  love to hear any stories people may have of either the event or of any knowledge of Ron so I can pass on to his family and friends.

Many thanks,
Glen Bertram

Aug. 25, 2015

I am working on a daytime programme called the People Remember. I am looking into the history of a Royal Marine called John Rippon (father of Angela Rippon) who I believe served on the HMS Newfoundland between September 1944 - December 1945.  I am looking for any photos, memorabilia or contacts from the time. The best thing would be a photo of John Rippon on board the ship (!) Can you help?  Or maybe point me in the right direction of someone who can?

Amy Ford
BBC Broadcasting House
Llantrisant Road
Llandaff, Cardif

Jan. 3, 2015

I immigrated to the USA from Great Britain and arrived Dec. 5, 1950 at age 12 with my sister 14 and my parents, Howard and Enid Rees. We Left Liverpool in Nov and it was to be a week crossing but took almost two weeks due to bad weather. The seas were so high that much cargo was sent overboard to lighten the load, Terrible sea sickness. Thanksgiving was postponed due to sickness. We landed in St John's & had our picture taken at the Peter pan statue. On to Halifax. Finally land in Boston Dec 5 1950. Kindly cab driver turned off his meter & showed us Boston.

I have never been back to your part of the world (have been to Boston in 1974) but my now 52 year old son Mark Hosler will be performing (Artist musician lectured) in Nova Scotia in the middle of Jan 2015 so I strongly remember the connection.

My God bless you all,
Sonia Rees Hosler

Aug. 5, 2012

I have a book which has an inscription inside the front cover reading: K. F. Creighton, Mid R.N., H.M.S. Newfoundland, 1944. Have you any information on the individual? Does Mid stand for Midshipman? I would be grateful for any info you could give me.

Kind regards,
Hugh Seery
Cork, Rep. of Ireland

Nov. 9, 2008

I am trying to trace medals my father received while serving on HMS Newfoundland during WW2. I have pictures of the crew, and 2 declarations he received. One of which was given to him at the Japanese surrender which was drawn by one of his crew friends. I would be grateful for any kind of help.

Lillian Kerr

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