HMS Amethyst
Roll of Honour

In memory of those who lost their lives in
HMS Amethyst
"As long as we embrace them in our memory, their spirit will always be with us"

Rate / Rank
Gunfire from Turkish shore batteries during Dardanelles Campaign
Mar. 14, 1915
Bainbridge, Thomas T.
Carpenter's Crew
Beaton, John D.
Engine Room Artificer (RNR)
Bishop, Albert H.
Bolton, John
Stoker 1st Class
Boxall, George D.
Stoker 1st Class
Burrows, Daniel
Stoker 1st Class
Chamberlain, Herbert J.
Stoker 1st Class
Cole, John L.
Leading Seaman
Cooper, Charles F.
Stoker 1st Class
Davis, Hugh D.
Stoker 1st Class
Died of wounds Mar. 15
Elliott, John F.
Stoker 1st Class
Died of wounds Mar. 16
Green, Walter H.
Officer's Steward 3rd Class
Age 17
Grummitt, Sydney W.
Boy 1st Class
Age 16
Gumbleton, Reginald C.
Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
Howard, Alfred
Stoker 1st Class
Johnston, William
Stoker (RNR)
Jones, John
Stoker 2nd Class
Kingsford, Charles S.
Stoker 1st Class
Lear, Sidney L.
Stoker 1st Class
Died of wounds Mar. 31
Matthews, Patrick
Leading Stoker
Mawson, Albert E.
Stoker 1st Class
Died of wounds Mar. 18
Mycock, Arnold
Stoker 1st Class
Perring, Warren
Stoker (RNR)
Randell, Alfred
Cook's Mate
Sankey, Thomas S.
Able Seaman
Wicken, William E.
Petty Officer
Wollven, Albert H.
Stoker 1st Class
Gunfire from Turkish shore batteries during Gallipoli Campaign
May 18, 1915
Tumblety, David W. M.
Ordinary Seaman
May 19, 1915
Dann, George
Petty Officer 2nd Class
July 16, 1915
O'Fallon, Thomas A.
Ship's Steward
Died of illness
Sept. 15, 1915
Vincent, Ernest J.
Able Seaman
Died of illness
June 16, 1916
Moles, Sydney G.
Ship's Steward Assistant
Died of illness
Dec. 23, 1917
Verey, D.S.M., Robert G.
Chief Stoker
Died of illness in Brazil
Jan. 4, 1918
Browne, Cornelius
Stoker 1st Class
Died of illness
Feb. 20, 1918
Humphries, George E.
Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class

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Roll of Honour
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