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Apr. 4, 2018

My grandfather, John Barnes, was L.A. Pilots mate on the HMS Warrior. He served in the Korean War. I have his book of the HMS Warrior, amazing pictures and all. I would like to share some with anyone out there that is interested. Maybe someone had family that served along side my grandpa and doesn't have the book. I also have several images taken of the ship coming into many different ports around the world and first hand accounts of life on the ship.

Sarah Barnes

Feb. 2, 2014

I am trying to find a picture of the HMS Warrior aircraft carrier visiting Port Elizabeth South Africa in 1954. I was very young when my parents took me to see her. I would love to find a photo but so far have been unable to. Any help would be appreciated.

Yours sincerely,
Catherine James

Jan. 18, 2009

You have an amazing site, I can spend hours looking. I was on HMS Warrior 1956-1957. We were present at the H Bomb drops. A good ship, but we did not know how many of us would die from radiation effects. I now run the Warrior reunions, we meet every year at different venues.

I then served on HMS Bulwark for 20 months in the far east, we spent many days in the jungle trying to control the bandits. We were with 42 & 45 RMs and the gurkas. I then joined HMS Eagle in Singapore and was involved in the blockade to stop ships from supplying to Ian Smith's government.

Peter Cutforth

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