Leading Aircraft Mechanic Edward Failes, R.N. Collection
HMS Unicorn during World War II

Leading Aircraft Mechanic Edward Failes, R.N. crewman on HMS Unicorn Aug. 1942-Feb.1946.

HMS Unicorn, date and location unknown.

January 1944: HMS Unicorn at Trincomalee, Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

January 1944: HMS Unicorn (bottom), HMS Renown and HMS Illustrious at Trincomalee, Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

1945: HMS Unicorn arriving at Sydney, Australia.

Crewmen of HMS Unicorn. Edward Failes is seen in the second row, center (9th man from the right). William Shaw Orr is seen front row, second from right.
(All photos from the collection of Edward Failes, R.N.)
Courtesy of John Failes submitted in honor of his father

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