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October 1931: Charles and Anne Lindbergh seen in their Lockheed Sirius alongside HMS Hermes in the Yangtze River at Hankow, China. The Lindbergh's were on their around the world honeymoon trip when they landed in China. He was asked by Chinese President Chiang Kai-shek to survey flooded areas to help the Chinese government access the damage from the great floods. Lindbergh had the Sirius taken aboard Hermes as a precautionary measure to insure it would not be damaged by the rapidly moving Yangtze or by the local population, which had mobbed the aircraft a day or two before in the mistaken thought that it was carrying food.

October 1931: The Lockheed Sirius with Charles Lindbergh (standing in aft cockpit) being hauled aboard HMS Hermes.

The Lockheed Sirius being lowered on to the flight deck of HMS Hermes. Lindbergh is still in the after cockpit.

Charles and Anne Lindbergh aboard HMS Hermes.

Anne Lindbergh seen with an officer and other unidentified men on HMS Hermes. Note the photographer at left.
(All photos from the collection of Ernest W. Foster, R.M.)
Courtesy of Philip Foster

MaritimeQuest wishes to thank Philip Foster for providing his father's collection for publication.

Ernest Walter Foster, R.M. Collection
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