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Oct. 4, 2015

I am looking for an image or description of the ship's bell on the original Ark Royal from 1937. Would it have the ship's whole name or initials on it? Does anyone have an idea where I might find this information?

Debby K

July 13, 2015

Would you happen to know if there was any crew records from HMS Ark Royal from 1939-41 as I am trying to find info on my Grandad. A Stoker (not sure of rank) called Frank George Ashman. Any help would be greatly appreciated, particularly as I was a Stoker on the last Ark Royal.

Best regards,
Mike Thompson

Mar. 3, 2014

Anyone please have any information / other photos of my dad, Ronald "Ronnie" Bob McEvoy (first on the left front row) from Liverpool, who sadly died 20. 04.2013. Trained on HMS Ganges, then served on HMS Ark Royal.

Many Thanks
Christine McEvoy


July 11, 2011

I recently found out that my long lost grandfather served in the Royal Navy on the Ark Royal. We have been told that he has passed away a few years ago and have been told he had no other children other than my mom. We never got the chance to meet him and have no pictures or anything. This is all stuff that just came out since my grandmother passed. She was from Swindon and moved to the USA with my mom's adopted father. I was hoping someone would have more information, possibly someone who may have served with him. His name was Ian Green. I do not have much more information than that. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Danielle Schlosser
Pennsylvania, USA

Feb. 9, 2010

I was recommended to look at your site wile looking for information on a photograph of Ark Royal. The photo as it happens is on your site. It is the second one in the gallery showing the ship in harbour somewhere picture taken 1938. What I am really interested in is the small steamer in attendance I am convinced that it is an ex-Clyde river ferry originally called "Clutha" either No. 5, 9 or 10. These boats were No. 5 requisitioned by the Admiralty in 1916 Nos. 9 and 10 purchased 1904. I assume as they were small (No 5-102 ft, nos 9 and 10 -90 ft.) they would not carry a name only a number, and only used as harbour vessels.
To the point
A) could I obtain a copy of the photo
B) can anyone confirm the tender was Clyde built
C) its fate, if known and d)where was the photo taken.

I don't imagine much information is available as small boats would be regarded as disposable and few people would be interested in their fate. These "Cluthas" are a virtually unknown part of the Glasgow/Clyde shipping history.

Frank Quinn

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