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Sept. 17, 2011

I am looking for anyone who may have known  Anthony (Tony) Cox who served on the Nelson between 11th Feb and 16th June 1947.  Also if anyone knows how to going about getting his service medals it would be appreciated.

Thanks Anne
(Tony's daughter)

July 10, 2011

I wondered if you could help me. As a boy in Weymouth after WW2 I seem to remember either Rodney or Nelson being berthed in Portland Harbour. In the summer naval whaleboats used to come to the beach at Castle Cove in Portland Harbour, and take kids on trips round the harbour. I seem to remember sailing round one or both of these ships, one having suffered major damage. Am I dreaming?

Doug Hampson

Apr. 4, 2008

Hello and thanks for a great site. My brother Eric "Bungy" Williams, sadly deceased, was a Stoker aboard HMS Nelson 1946-47. Regards & Respect to all who served, from an Ex-Pongo.

Bob Williams

Apr. 5, 2007

I am trying to trace Charles Thomas Johnson who was a Petty Officer on the HMS Nelson between 1938-41. If anyone has any information I would be grateful to hear from you.

Many Thanks,

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Dec. 16, 2011

I read on the HMS Nelson board April 5th 2007 that a person called Glennis was looking for a Charles 
Thomas Johnson CPO. My Father served on HMS Nelson 41-42 and his name is Charles Thomas Johnson.
My family still have the infamous crossing the line certificate when she was escorting the troop convoys round the cape. Is there any way I can get in touch with Glennis to see if it is the same person she's looking for.

Ian Johnson

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