HMS Howe (1940)
Able Seaman Edwin Clement James Reed, R.N. Collection
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Crewmen clean the B turret of the HMS Howe.

A 1.575"/37 (40mm) 2 pounder Pom-Pom gun on the HMS Howe.

A 5.25"/50 (134mm) twin mount on the HMS Howe.

Two 0.79"/ 70 (20mm) Oerlikon anti-aircraft guns on the HMS Howe.

Able seaman Edwin C. J. Reed RN seen behind the splinter guard of an anti-aircraft gun possibly on the merchant
ship Javanese Prince.
(All photos courtesy of Tracey Reed submitted in honor of Edwin C. J. Reed, R.N. (1920-2004)

Edwin C. J. Reed Collection
Page 8
The Art of HMS Howe
Page published June 15, 2007