HMS Canopus

HMS Canopus seen in 1900.

HMS Canopus seen during the Great War.

HMS Canopus wearing a camouflage paint scheme seen at Mudros, Lemnos Island, Greece during the Great War.
(Photo courtesy of Edward F. Malet de Carteret)

HMS Canopus seen at Malta.
(Photo courtesy of Philip J. Heydon, I.S.M.)

February 1915: Officers and men of HMS Canopus at Malta, Midshipman Philip R. Malet de Carteret is seen bottom row first on left. Midshipman Robert K. Dickson (later Rear-Admiral, D.S.O.) is seen bottom row fourth from left.
(Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Dickson)

Colorized postcard of HMS Canopus.
(Photo courtesy of Edward F. Malet de Carteret)

HMS Canopus, date and location unknown.

A 6" gun from HMS Canopus mounted at Canopus Hill, Stanley, East Falkland Island.
(Photo courtesy of David Butler, R.N.)

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