Admiral Graf Spee
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May 1937: Admiral Graf Spee at the Spithead Naval Review representing Germany at the coronation of
King George VI.

1938: Admiral Graf Spee in the Kaiser Wilhelm Canal. Perhaps returning from the Spanish patrol in February.

July 1938: Admiral Graf Spee in a Norwegian Fjord.

July 1938: Admiral Graf Spee at Kiel, Germany undergoing modifications.

Admiral Graf Spee seen at dusk, date and location unknown.

August 22, 1938: Admiral Graf Spee at Kiel for the launching of the Prinz Eugen and a fleet review in front of Adolf Hitler and the Hungarian Regent Admiral Nikolaus von Horthy. In this photo taken from the battleship Gneisenau, the Admiral Scheer and Deutschland can be seen behind the Admiral Graf Spee.

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