Admiral Graf Spee
Maschinengefreiter Erich Halupczok Collection
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The Admiral Graf Spee band seen in 1939.


September 3, 1939: Admiral Graf Spee refueling from the Altmark.


September 3, 1939: Crewmen on the Admiral Graf Spee seen loading drums of carbonic acid from the Altmark.


September 26, 1939: Cargo from the Altmark on board the Admiral Graf Spee. This was the last resupply from
the Altmark before combat operations began.


Two launches full of POW's approaching the Admiral Graf Spee.

(All photos courtesy of Hugo R. Sochi, from the private collection of Ana Marcela Halupczok, daughter of
Maschinengefreiter Erich Halupczok, Division 9, Admiral Graf Spee)


Erich Halupczok Collection
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Page published July 6, 2008