Admiral Graf Spee
Amalia Nélida Levalle Cavallo Collection
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Sinks in the kitchen area.


The pantry.


Bathing area.


A painting on one of the walls at the internment camp in Rosario, Argentina. "Fúr den Seeman sind am
schwersten die letzten Tage ver dem Ersten"
The English translation "For the seaman the hardest time is the
last few days before the first".
The first refers to payday and the hardest time is at the end of the month when
the money has run out.

(All photos courtesy of Hugo R. Sochi and Roxana Cavallo.
From the private collection of Amalia Nélida Levalle Cavallo, wife of
Matrosengefreiter Herbert Schaefer, Division 1, Admiral Graf Spee)


Amalia Nélida Cavallo Levalle Collection
Page 4
Page published June 26, 2008