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May 9, 2011

I have a story about Tromso and the Tirpitz you might be interested in. In 2003, I was a guest lecturer on Russian Convoys on the cruise ship Discovery, visiting Murmansk and calling in at Norwegian ports going and returning. Coming out of Tromso, I was alone on the deck - the weather was dull and rainy - carefully looking out for the position where Tirpitz went down. As we passed the spot, Discovery's siren sounded. It didn't stop but carried on. The only thought I had was that the captain was saluting the remains of Tirpitz. I therefore
slowly came to attention and stood there until the siren stopped. The deck I was on was at the same level as the bridge, and the captain came out of the wheel-house. I asked him if the siren was a salute to the Tirpitz. His reply was that the siren had jammed and he had never known it to happen before. Coincidence or do ships really have souls? I know what I prefer to think.

Gordon Smith

Dec. 18, 2008

A man by the name of Peter Mueller says that his 86 year old father, Hans Heribert Mueller was an officer
(2nd Lieutenant) aboard the Tirpitz. Do you happen to have any pictures of the officers on that ship?

Jim Thompson
New Bern, North Carolina

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Nov. 6, 2010

I am the chairman of the Bordgemeinschaft Schlachtschiff Tirpitz. Yes, I remember Hans Müller. He is member in our veteran group. I have have some fotos of any officers and a list of themselves, but no one with Hans Mueller. Also I have two lists with the name of the Officers and their funktion. On both is not his name. The young officers changed often. So it could be, that he was aboard for a short time.

Klaus Rohwedder

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