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May 28, 2016

I was in Hawaii in 1984 during RIMPAC. I was fortunate enough to meet several Australian Sailors. I was 18 at the time. My sister and I requested permission to go aboard the HMAS Adelaide which was granted, and we were invited to eat Mess with a few very good looking Aussies. They laughed because we did not turn our forks over to eat. It so happened, unfortunately for America, that 1984 was the first time in approximately 110-114 years that we lost to Australia in the Americas Cup yachting race. One of the HMAS Adelaide's sailors gave me a T-shirt bearing the name of the yacht that beat us. He gave me some currency, too, for a keepsake. I was given a guided tour after the meal. The Hospitality was phenomenal. I still remember the names of 2 of the "young" men at the time, but we'll keep that private. I'll never forget that summer. I was also given a tour of an Australian submarine, but I can't remember the name, just the sailor's name. Again, that will remain private.

Maryellen Stringham

Apr. 6, 2011

G'Day Ladies & blokes, need help here. The ADELAIDE is due to be scuttled on the 13th. Can any ex or serving military person help with the below request please?

Eric (Macca) McKenzie

LSATA ANDY ROSS son of Bettye Ross. Andy served on Ex HMAS ADELAIDE and was a birdie at ALBATROSS. First Gulf War Veteran. Her son Andy has passed away and she doesn't’t even have photos of him while he was in the navy. My son and I have been trying to find things on him, but to no avail. The ladys name is Bettye Ross.
Her late son, LSATA Andrew Donald Ross took his own life following a marriage breakup. He apparently loved the navy, but his wife didn't. He left the navy, but she left him taking their children with her along with photos of him.

Bettye has been clinging onto anything that she can identify with. She is now 79 and of poor health, but is coming up for the scuttling. I would love to be able to give her something that she will be able to cherish even if only memories of the day, but if we could find a photo of her son, that would be unbelievable.

My son (Dave Messenger) didn't know Andrew as Andrew was a ‘Birdie’ and my son was an MTH ‘chippie’ so they wouldn't have had too much contact. Would you be able to find out from your distribution list of Adelaide crew if anyone was on the Adelaide in 1990 during the first Gulf War conflict and might have known Andrew?

His details are -
LSATA Ross,  No. S128580
His mail was sent to Cabin 94 Top Deck MCKenzie 044-21-1633 Fwd. Mess HMAS "Adelaide"
A few years after returning from the Gulf he apparently achieved the rank of Petty Officer. Bettye may have been in contact with you before and may be on your distribution list, but I thought that if you could send a message out to your members asking if anyone knew him it might give her some comfort.

Sue Degate

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Aug. 31, 2012

The Australian War Memorial has a set of photos taken by one of our helo pilots during the Gulf War, in there is a group shoot. I served on the Adelaide during that time, but don't remember him.

Greg Nicholls
abck r142707

Sept. 16, 2007

HMAS Adelaide will be laid to rest on a reef at Terrigal, Central Coast, New South Wales sometime late 2008, she will provide a valuable diving site for the diving fraternity in Sydney and other regions of NSW. I am Secretary of the Central Coast Naval Association of Australia, and when the time comes for this special event (sad though it may be), we are organizing a ferry to go out for this special day, and if anyone is interested they may contact me on I realize that this web site does not release email addresses, but in this case I absolve them from all responsibility.

Margaret Robinson (ex WRNS)

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Oct. 3, 2012

I am trying to trace a friend Margaret Jane Robinson alias in her days in the WRENS as Blondie, I have been searching on Forces re united and the Information keeps leading me back to your E Mail address, sorry this appears to be a bizarre request but just wondered if the email address above correct? I'm sure this may help. If this reaches you I would be most grateful if you could reply regardless then I may eliminate this part of my search.

With warm wishes from across the pond,
Sue Webster

Nov. 5, 2012

To be honest she is my birth mother, I was adopted in December 1955 and Margaret Robinson joined the forces in mid june 1956, I am trying to locate her as time is running out and life is too short, it was due to circumstances out of her control that she could not keep me. So have this need to basically tell her it wasn't her fault just the era I was born in so to speak.  I have all my adoption papers which snuggest she is originally from County Tyrone in Northern Ireland apart from that am having great difficulty.

It is so so so difficult for me to communicate and gain access to any records as I am not sure which part of Australia she is from, reference has it that it could be Tasmania? But that is a total shot in the dark so to speak. I managed to contact a lady in Australia who is trying to help me, she is an ex WREN who served on the same ship at the same time but does not recollect her.

The very strange thing is my original Birth Certificate states my father was in the RAF and my mother joined the WRENs between 1956 - 1960 and I joined the Woman's Royal Army Corp in 1973. Such a coincidence.

I thank you so much for giving me a chance to perhaps just say hello in an EMail or letter to Mum. And also to see if we look alike, she seems to be a strong character like me, and I guess a world wide traveller.

Sue Webster

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