Use of MaritimeQuest Photos

The photos displayed on MaritimeQuest come from official sources, private collections and individual photographers. They are all used either with permission of the copyright holder or under "fair use" or Public Domain. MaritimeQuest claims no copyright to official photos or photos in the public domain.

Media: Members of the media are granted permission to use most of photos displayed on MaritimeQuest, providing you use the image from the site (high resolution versions requite a fee) and proper credit is given "Courtesy of Michael W. Pocock and". However photos that are protected under copyright can only be used with the permission of the copyright holder. To obtain permission please email me

Authors/Publishers: If you wish to use a photo displayed on MaritimeQuest or are seeking a photo or photos for use in a book, magazine or film project please email me Higher resolution versions of most photos displayed on the site are available for print use. The fee for use is $25.00 USD per photo.

Webmasters: If you wish to use a photo displayed on MaritimeQuest please email me.