Wingfield Castle (1934)

William Gray & Co. Ltd
West Hartlepool, England
Keel laid:
September 24, 1934
Year built:
November 1934
On display at Jackson Dock in Hartlepool, England.

The LNER (London & North Eastern Railway, later British Railways) ordered three steam
paddle ferries to link Hull with New Holland on the River Humber, they were the
PSS Wingfield Castle, Tattershall Castle and Lincoln Castle.

The Wingfield Castle was built by Sir William Gray in his shipyard at Hartlepool in 1934.
These ships carried all manner of cargo between the two ports including livestock and cars,
as well as human passengers, up to 1974 when the new Humber Bridge was opened to traffic.

During WWII the Wingfield Castle was used to deploy barrage balloons, war supplies and
transport troops along the River Humber.

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