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Mar. 25, 2014

We also have three inscribed pewter mugs manufactured by Lloyd Payne & Amiel of Manchester, 2 off half pint and 1 off one pint. The engraved name is Wm Carroll, the mugs look just like the one in the photograph!
The mugs belonged to my late mother in law, I have no idea how she got them. Her maiden name was Woodley.

John List

This photo shows the capacity mark, which is the stamp of the weights and measures inspector who certified the mugs capacity in GB pints.
Regarding the stamp:
The top mark is a crown representing the reigning monarch.
VR is Victoria Regina - In the reign of Queen Victoria.
The central number 5 is the regional weights and measures office responsible for certifying the capacity -  in this case Manchester.
The remaining letters and numbers probably represent the individual inspector or maybe the date.

Capacity marking began in about 1830. I'm afraid I don't know any more, but will keep digging for more data on William Carroll.

Aug. 22, 2010

We were in touch some years ago when I lived in Seattle about the Ellan Vannin. Back now on the Isle of Man I just got an e-mail of someone who told me her husband's great grandfather died on the Ellan Vannin after stepping for someone. I therefore dug out the old the old marriage cert' to name my great grand father; his name was Arthur Arrowsmith Fogerty and he was 53 when he was married on 28 Nov 1909 just a few weeks before the disaster (so my post on the website is inaccurate, he'd actually married which caused enough gossip to have the Steam Packet Company take him off the roster for his benefit I suppose as much as the Company's). The certificate shows that he was a steward on the vessel and his father was surgeon William Fogerty
(may help in searches for more info).

Reiner Kraft
(Isle of Man)

Aug. 22, 2008

I am in possession of a pewter pint-sized tankard which has the name William Carroll inscribed on the piece with Mona's Isle inscribed as well. I did not realize what this meant until I found the information on the website this evening. Does anyone know if Mr. Carroll was a crew member onboard the ship? Is there a record of crew for the ship? I would greatly appreciate any information anyone
can provide. 

Many thanks,
Julie Lamberton Western,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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