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Sept. 24, 2012

I have just been looking at the sailing ship 'Falls of Clyde' photos and details up to 2010. I cried when I got to
the photos where she had been readied for scuttling. However, was relieved to read that she has been bought and hopefully restored to former glory. The reason I am interested is that I obtained some details from the British National Archives that my gt. uncle John Ibbotson had been on the ship pre 1890. Ironically, when I had
previously searched the site, I had looked at the same ship and was horrified then that she was left in such a bad state, but not knowing that she was linked to my family.

In 24 May 1890 - 16 May 1891, uncle was on the Marlborough Hill, as 2nd Mate, Vessel no. 91176, port Liverpool, Port registry No. 10, Master/Owner: Wm Lang, Owner's address: 58 South John Street, Liverpool,
Port Registry year 1885, Gross Tonnage: 2451, Net tonnage 2362.

In my past correspondence with you I was talking about him being murdered in the far east and I am still looking for the story. I now know also that it was after 1911. Perhaps you could relay my interest to
the present owners. Thanks for your hard work.

With best wishes,
Averil Page

Nov. 2, 2010

The Falls of Clyde is on the list of landmarks for Hampton's Save-A-Landmark for Hawaii, if we win, we get a grant that will go towards her preservation. All people need to do is vote. More information is included below.

Hampton Hotels has a "Save-A-Landmark" program to support refurbishment of national landmarks. However, this is a competitive arrangement and requires people to vote on the landmark of choice is our state. Voting is done by going to the website Hampton Save a Landmark and casting your vote for Falls of Clyde.

We are one of three sites being considered in Hawaii so we must get the most votes in order to get a grant. Everyone who is following our progress needs to vote and get as many friends and relatives to do so, too. The deadline for the voting is November 30, 2010 Eastern Standard Time.

Friends of the Falls of Clyde

Nov. 10, 2008

I have been informed that the Falls of Clyde has changed hands, as of Sept. 30 she is now owned by the
Friends of the Falls of Clyde and the ship will be returned to her former glory!!! Thanks to these folks who have saved an important piece of maritime history. www.friendsofthefallsofclyde.org

Michael W. Pocock

Sept. 30, 2008

My name is J. Campbell and I am interested in volunteering with the Friends of the Falls of Clyde here in Honolulu, however I am unable to find a link or anything that tells me how to contact the group and let them know I am available to help out. I am a US Army Veteran and currently retired from the Military so I have a lot
of free time and really want to help out.

As well, my father was born in Scotland and came to the US when he was only 9 years old so the Scottish heritage of this vessel is something of importance to me as well. So, if you can help me figure out where to let someone know that I would like to be involved in this project I would really appreciate it very much! Thank you again for taking the time to read this and hopefully I will get some good information from you. Have a wonderful day!

J. Campbell

Sept. 6, 2008

The president of the Friends of the Falls of Clyde (FFOC) Bruce McEwan reported that the meeting held between representatives of the FFOC and the Bishop Museum on Wednesday 3 September had gone well. The FFOC presented how they intended to meet with the specified criteria set by the Bishop Museum including insurance. The Bishop Museum undertook to provide the FFOC with the document that would be used to convey the ownership subject to the FFOC meeting all their terms.

Mr McEwan said "We are encouraged that we were well received by the CEO (Timothy Johns) and COO of Bishop Museum, but they made it clear that the final decision to transfer ownership rests with their Board of Directors, which is scheduled to meet on 25 September.

We still have work to do, but we are optimistic at this time that we will be successful. We will need approval from the Bishop Board and the State Harbors Division to leave the ship at its current berth until we have drydock availability later this year. The outcome of this meeting, while very positive, does not yet guarantee that the Falls of Clyde would not be scuttled in the near future.

Please keep watching what is happening to the Falls of Clyde, spreading the word to your friends and others about her plight, and of course encouraging people to sign the petition. It is important that when making their decision on the 25th, the board of the Bishop Museum have a full appreciation of how much the ship is valued by people in Hawaii, the USA and the rest of the world.

The petition web address is at: oahure.com/FallsOfClyde/petition

Best regards,
Mori Flapan

Sept. 6, 2008

A group called 'The Friends of the Falls of Clyde" is forming in Honolulu to try to save her and are in negotiation
with the current owners - The Bishop Museum. The ship has been fully stripped and prepared for scuttling and the Coast Guard have signed off on towing arrangements. The stay of execution has extended unofficially, possibly to the end of September. The new Group needs your active support.

If you want to contribute directly to the effort to save the Falls of Clyde, please send your donations to:
The Caledonian Society of
Hawaii, P.O. Box 4164
Honolulu HI 96812-4164Hugh Balen

Aug. 11, 2008

This is a reply to the message in the FALLS OF CLYDE page. Please be aware that many maritime buffs in the UK are as distressed as US buffs are about what is happening to FOC. We have been following the events since the intended scuttling came to our knowledge back in June this year.

The latest we heard was that US Environmental Protection Agency Region 9 had rescinded its conditional approval concerning the disposal (sinking) of FOC because it had learned that the vessel was designated a national historical landmark pursuant to the US National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) so EPA is now required by your law to consult with the US National Historic Preservation Office and State officers  before they can authorize the proposed sinking of FOC.

However  it appears from  initial contact with your National Parks and Wildlife Service that they aren't interested in the destruction of this national historic monument !!!!!! Letters and emails are being sent from UK to NPS in support and others listed at (www.boatregister.com).

I am afraid that this case may not be one of USA's maritime heritage preservation successes. We keep our fingers crossed. Good luck and every strength to your endeavours.

Robert Edmonds
London, England

Aug. 10, 2008

I don't know if you are aware of this but the only remaining four masted full-rigged sailing ship, the last sailing tanker, the Falls of Clyde is scheduled for scuttling in Honolulu on September 1, 2008 unless the owners can raise $30 million USD. It seems that nothing less than $30 million will stop them from sinking her. She has already been de-rigged and the figurehead removed. Only an appeal from concerned individuals throughout the
world, and the refusal of the towing company, has prevented her being scuttled already. If you or your readers
have any concern please make them known to anyone and everyone. This is a web URL that has been rushed
onto the net to keep everyone up to date with developments. (www.boatregister.com)

Hugh Balen

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