Military Abbreviations, Nicknames and Slang Terms
Beginning with Y
Compiled by Jon Stacy

Aircraft designation under the Joint Service Designation System, used as a suffix for “Prototype”.
(Example: YC-122 Avitruc)

(British) Any American.

(Squadron Nickname) VMGR-452, that flies the KC-130 Hercules.

Yankee Station- US Navy Ships assigned to the 7th Fleet, off North Vietnam, during the Vietnam War.

Yellow Jackets-
(Squadron Nickname) VAQ-138, which flies the EA-6 Prowler.

Yellow Peril-
(Nickname) Boeing BT-13 Stearman, trainer of World War II.

Yellow Scorpions-
(Squadron Nickname) 384th Pursuit Squadron, that flew the P-51 Mustang, during World War II, in the Burma Theater of Operations.

(Nickname) USS Yorktown CV-5. A Yorktown Class Aircraft Carrier.

Young Napoleon-
(Nickname) Union General George B. McClellan, during the US Civil War.

Young Tigers-
(Squadron Nickname) 909th Air Refueling Squadron, that operates the KC-135.


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