Military Abbreviations, Nicknames and Slang Terms
Beginning with O
Compiled by Jon Stacy

(Slang) Early in the Morning.

(Nickname) USS O’Brien DD-725, an Allen M. Sumner Class Destroyer.

Odd Squad-
(Squadron Nickname) 564th Missile Squadron, operating the LGM-30 Minuteman II ICBM.

The 83rd Infantry Division, that served in World War I and in Europe in World War II.

OK Boat-
(Nickname) USS Oklahoma City CL-91/CLG-5, a Cleveland Class Light Cruiser.

(Nickname) USS Oklahoma City CL-91/CLG-5.

1. (Nickname) USS Oklahoma City CL-91/CLG-5.
2. (Nickname) USS Okanogan APA-220, a Haskill Class Amphibious Attack Troop Transport.

(Squadron Nickname) 465th Air Refueling Squadron, flying the KC-135.

Okie Boat-
(Nickname) The USS Oklahoma City CL-91/CLG-5.

Old Baldy-
1. (Nickname) General Richard S. Ewell, CSA, in the Civil War.
2. Name for a hill on the Stabilized Front in Korea.

Old Blood & Guts-
(Nickname) General George S. Patton Jr.

Old Brains-
(Nickname) General Henry W. Hallack, USA; during the Civil War.

Old Bucket Seats-
(Nickname) Douglas C-47 Sky train, during the Vietnam War.

Old Buzzards-
(Squadron Nickname) VPU-1, flying the P-3 Orion.

Old Faithful-
(Nickname) Douglas A-1 Sky raider, during the Vietnam War.

Old Fuss and Feathers-
(Nickname) General Winfield S. Scott, USA; of the Mexican and Civil Wars.

Old Gray Ghost of the Oregon Coast-
(Nickname) USS Hamner DD-718, a Gearing Class Destroyer.

Old Growler-
(Nickname) North American AT-6 Texan, of World War II and Korea. Named so do to the growl made by the propeller on take off.

Old Hannah-
(Nickname) USS Hancock CV-19; an Essex Class Aircraft Carrier.

Old Head-
(WWII) A person who's been around a long time.

Old Hickory-
1. (Nickname) General (later President) Andrew Jackson, of the War of 1812.
2. The 30th Infantry Division, that served in World War I and World War II in Europe.
3. (Squadron Nickname) 105 Airlift Squadron, flying the C-130 for the Tennessee Air National Guard.

Old Ironsides-
1. (Nickname) USS Constitution. A Frigate that served in the War of 1812.
2. (Nickname) USS Midway CV-41, a Midway Class Aircraft Carrier.
3. The 1st Armored Division that served in Europe in World War II.

Old Lady-
(Nickname) HMS War spite, a British Battleship of World War I and World War II.

Old Leatherface-
(Nickname) Major General Claire E. Chennault, founder of the famed “Flying Tigers”.

Old Lucky-
(Nickname) USS Harry F. Bauer, DD-738/DM-26, an Allen M. Sumner Destroyer/Mine Sweeper.

Old Man-
1. A unit commander.
2. (Nickname) Admiral William F. Halsey.

Old Methuselah-
(Nickname) Douglas C-47 Sky train, during the Vietnam War.

Old Miscellaneous-
(Nickname) Douglas A-1 Sky raider, during the Vietnam War.

Old Miss-
(Nickname) USS Mississippi BB-41, a New Mexico Class Battleship.

Old One Wing-
(Nickname) James C. Martin, CSA; during the War of Rebellion.

Old Rosey-
1. (Nickname) General William S. Rosecrans, USA.
2. (Nickname) USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CV-42; a Midway Class Aircraft Carrier.

Old Shakey-
(Nickname) Douglas C-124 Globemaster II.

Old Smokey-
1. (Nickname) Douglas C-124 Globemaster II.
2. (Nickname) McDonnell-Douglas F-4 Phantom II.

Old Straight-
(Nickname) General Alexander P. Stewart, CSA.

Old T-
(Nickname) USS Texas BB-35; a New York Class Battleship.

Old Warhorse-
(Nickname) General James Longstreet, CSA; of the Civil War.

Once at Scott, Always at Scott-
(Slang) Scott AFB, Illinois.

One Ship Fleet-
1. (Nickname) USS Salt Lake City CA-25, a Pensacola Class Heavy Cruiser.
2. (Nickname) USS Boise CL-47, a Brooklyn Class Light Cruiser.

Name for a lightly armored vehicle with six 106mm recoilless rifles. Ontos means “The Thing”.

Operation Allied Force-
Air War against Yugoslavia, between March & May 1999.

Operation Anvil-
The Invasion of Southern France, June 1944.

Operation Attain Document-
Operations off Libya from 14 January- 22 March, 1986.

Operation Barrel Roll-
Heavy Bombardment of North Vietnamese Forces in Laos. A concurrent operation with
Operation Rolling Thunder.

Operation Beacon Star-
Amphibious Operations against the Viet Cong in the Lau River Area, near Hue. 22 April- 12 May, 1967.

Operation Bear Bite-
2-5 June, 1967; assault on the Viet Cong; on the south side of the DMZ.

Operation Beau Charger-
Amphibious Operation in the Ben Hai River region on 18-26 May, 1967; in support of Operation: Hickory. Largest consent rated US surface gunfire, since the Korean War. 1st incursion by the US into the DMZ. Also known as the “Battle of the Ben Hai River”.

Operation Big Switch-
5 August to 6 September, 1953; the exchange of all prisoners of war, following the Korean War.

Operation Blue Star-
Training Exercise on Taiwan 19-24 March, 1960; the largest amphibious operation since World War II.

Operation Buffalo-
3-14 July, 1967; Patrol of the Con Thein Perimeter & to rescue the 1/9 Marines.

Operation Castle-
1 March- 14 May, 1954; 6 atmospheric nuclear tests at Bikini Atoll & Eniwetok Island.

Operation Chromite-
The Invasion of Inchon Harbor, during the Korean War. 15 September, 1950.

Operation Classic Resolve-
December 1989; US Naval Support to Philippine Government requests for assistance during a rebel coup attempt.

Operation Continue Hope-
1993, the Somalia Campaign to oust warlords ruling the country.

Operation Crescent-
US joint operations with India & Pakistan, in 1957.

Operation Crossroads-
Nuclear Bomb testing at Bikini Island on 1 & 25 July, 1946.

Operation Crosswind-
Studied the effects of wind on Carrier Operations, December 1957.

Operation Daniel Boone-
Cross Border Reconnaissance into Cambodia, using Special Forces. 27 June, 1966- December 1968. Became Operation Salem House.

Operation Decisive Force-
NATO operation to eliminate hostile flights over Bosnia, 1995.

Operation Deck House-
Amphibious Operations in Vietnam during 1966.

Operation Deck House II-
Amphibious Operations in Vietnam during 1966.

Operation Deck House IV-
A Continuation of Operation: Desoto; from 16 Feb- 3 March, 1967.

Operation Deliberate Force-
NATO authorized operation to end the Ethnic Cleansing of Bosnian Muslims, by the Bosnian Serbs. 1998

Operation Deny Flight-
NATO authorized operation to end the Bosnian Civil War, in 1994-96.

Operation Desert Fox-
Air Strikes against Iraq, after its defiance to honor UN weapons inspectors requests for full access to its nuclear facilities.

Operation Desert Scorpion-
15-29 June, 2003; Isolate & defeat remaining pockets of resistance near Tikrit & Kirkuk, Iraq.

Operation Desert Shield-
Build up prior to the Persian Gulf War. 2 August, 1990- 16 January, 1991.

Operation Desert Storm-
Persian Gulf War. 17 January, 1991- 28 February, 1991.

Operation Desert Strike-
Air Strikes against Iraq, after refusing to let UN weapons inspectors check its facilities. 12 September, 1996.

Operation Desoto-
A joint US/South Vietnamese operation in the Nui Dang/Nui Dau Area, designed to restrict NVA and VC movement. 27 January- 15 February, 1967.

Operation Desoto II-
A continuation of Operation: Deckhouse IV, from 4-7 March, 1967.

Operation Dewey Canyon-
The seizure of enemy stockpiles of weapons in the A Shau Valley, in Laos. 22 January- 3 March, 1969.

Operation Dove-
Glider Landings in Southern France, August 1944.

Operation Eager Hunter-
Amphibious Operations in Vietnam, during 1968.

Operation Eagle Claw-
The failed rescue attempt to free American Hostages, in Tehran, Iran; on 24 April, 1979.

Operation Eagle Pull-
The Evacuation of Phnom Pehn, Cambodia; on 12 April, 1975.

Operation Early Call-
14 September, 1983; in Egypt.

Operation Earnest Will-
1988-1989; the reflagging of Kuwaiti Oil Tankers, in the Persian Gulf, against Iranian Aggression.

Operation El Dorado Canyon-
14 April, 1986; attacks against Libyan Military targets.

Operation Enduring Freedom-
The Afghanistan War; and the following occupation and repatriation of a free democratic government. 7 October 2001- Present.

Operation Feint-
12-16 October, 1952; known as the Kojo Amphibious Feint. The US Navy assembled a large force of warships off Kojo, North Korea; in an attempt to lure communist forces away from the frontline.

Operation Fiery Vigil-
The Evacuation of Naval Station Subic Bay & Clark AB; in the Philippines after the eruption of Mount Pinatubo, in June 1991.

Operation Flaming Dart-
Heavy Bombing of North Vietnam, on 7 February, 1965.

Operation Flaming Dart II-
Heavy Bombing of North Vietnam, on 10 February, 1965.

Operation Flintlock-
The Amphibious Assault on Kwajalein, by US Marines from Late January to February 1944.

Operation Fortress Attack III-
Amphibious Operations in Vietnam during 1968.

Operation Fortress Attack IV-
Amphibious Operations in Vietnam during 1968.

Operation Frantic-
Shuttle Bombing between England, Italy & the Soviet Union, over German held lands in 1944.

Operation Frequent Wind-
The evacuation of Saigon, South Vietnam; from 29 to 30 April, 1975.

Operation Frigid-
Operations north of the Arctic Circle in the Aortic Ocean, to study the effects on Carrier Operations, in November 1948.

Operation Frostbite-
Cold Weather Operations in the North Atlantic, in March 1946.

Operation Hard Tack-
Hydrogen Bomb testing at Bikini Island, in 1958.

Operation Hickory II-
15-16 July, 1967; a continuation of Operation: Buffalo.

Operation High Jump-
The USS Philippine Sea CV-47; launched 6 R4D (C-47) Skytrains bound for Little America, in Antarctica, on 29 January, 1947.

Operation Husky-
The Invasion of Sicily, in July 1944.

Operation Iceberg-
The Invasion of Okinawa. 1 April - 15 May, 1945.

Operation Icecap-
Rescue Mission to Greenland, in December 1948.

Operation Imminent Thunder-
Amphibious Exercise in Saudi Arabia; between 15-23 November, 1990. The object was to convince that the invasion of Kuwait would be coming from the Persian Gulf.

Operation Iraqi Freedom-
The Invasion & Liberation of Iraq, from its dictator Saddam Hussein. 19 March, 2003- Present.

Operation Ivy Serpent-
12-21 July, 2003; neutralize paramilitary & Ba’ath Party loyalists.

Operation Jackstay-
Amphibious Operations in Vietnam during 1966.

Operation Jet Stream-
NATO exercise in the North Atlantic in November 1960.

Operation Just Cause-
The Invasion of Panama, to capture drug lord General Manuel Noreiga.

Operation Killer-
21 February to 22 April, 1951. A concentrated offensive to push the Chinese across the 38th Parallel.

Operation King Two-
Invasion of Leyte Island, in the Philippines. Dec 1944.

Operation Love Three-
Invasion of Mindoro Island, in the Philippines. 12-18 December, 1944.

Operation Linebacker-
The heavy bombing of North Vietnam, in December 1972.

Operation Linebacker II-
The heavy bombing of North Vietnam, in December 1972; this operation drove the North Vietnamese to sign the Paris Peace Treaty in February 1973.

Operation Little Switch-
20 April, 1953; the 1st Repatriation of Prisoners of War, all sick & injured, were returned.

Operation Magic Carpet-
The bringing home of thousands of US troops & sailors following World War II.

Operation Main Brace-
NATO exercise in the North Atlantic. 14-25 September, 1952.

Operation Market Garden-
17 September, 1944; Largest Airborne Operation of World War II. Objective was too isolate the German Army, in the Netherlands, bypass the Siegfried Line and capture the Arnham Bridge.

Operation Market Time-
The objective was to stop the flow of supplies by sea, from North Vietnam into South Vietnam. 11 March, 1965 to December 1972.

Operation Musketeer-
Underground Nuclear Testing in Nevada, between 1985-1987.

Operation Nathan Hale-
Amphibious Operations in Vietnam during 1966.

Operation Nobel Anvil-
NATO air war against Yugoslavia, in Kosovo.

Operation Nobel Eagle-
Air Defense Operations of the United States after the 11 September, 2001 attacks in New York City and Washington DC.

Operation Osage-
Amphibious Operations in Vietnam during 1966.

Operation Overlord- The Invasion of Normandy, France & Mainland Europe; on 6 June, 1944.

Operation Peace Eagle-
RF-4C Reconnaissance Missions along the Korean DMZ, that photographed (at least) 95 miles inside North Korea.

Operation Peninsula Strike-
9-12 June, 2003; eradicate Ba’ath Party Loyalist and Paramilitary groups.

Operation Pierce Arrow-
Air strikes against North Vietnam, on 5 August, 1964. A direct response to the Tonkin Gulf Incident.

Operation Planet X-
15 May, 2003; the search for Ba’ath Party members & militants.

Operation Prairie Fire-
US Navy’s response to being attacked by the Libyan Navy, on 23 March, 1986.

Operation Praying Mantis-
The US Navy response to the Iranian mining of the US Frigate Samuel B. Roberts. The USS Enterprise (CVN-65) spearheaded the largest US Naval battle since World War II; on 15 April, 1988.

Operation Pressure Pump-
The destruction of 30 high level targets, in or around Pyongyang, North Korea; on 11 July, 1952.

Operation Proud Hunter-
Amphibious Operations in Vietnam during 1968.

Operation Pull Back-
July 1953; the establishment of the Demilitarized Zone, in Korea, by withdrawing all war making materials and troops.

Operation Reckless-
The Hollandia Invasion, in April 1944.

Operation Restore Hope-
The Somalia Relief campaign aimed at disarming warlords ruling the country. 1992-1993

Operation Rolling Thunder-
The bombing of North Vietnam, from December 1965 to July 1966.

Operation Salem House-
Cross Border Reconnaissance into Cambodia. December 1968 to 7 April, 1971. Became Operation: Thot Not.

Operation Sandy-
The launching of a captured German V-2 from the deck of the USS Midway CVB-41; on 6 September, 1946. This would be the first firing of a missile from an aircraft carrier.

Operation Sea Dragon-
Interdictions of Communist Waterborne Logistics Routes, by the US Navy in Vietnam. 1967

Operation Sea Imp-
Amphibious Operations off Vietnam in 1966.

Operation Sea Orbit-
The unrefueled World Cruise of the USS Enterprise CVAN-65, the USS Long Beach CGN-9; & the USS Bainbridge DLGN-35, from 13 May to October 1964.

Operation Sharp Guard-
Air Ops over Bosnia. 1995-1996

Operation Shawnee-
Amphibious Operations in Vietnam, in 1967.

Operation Shining Anvil-
Air Operations over Kosovo, during 1999.

Operation Shoestring 2-
Invasion of Bougainville at Cape Torokin, in 1943.

Operation Sidewinder-
29 June-7 July, 2003; a continuation of Operation: Desert Scorpion, to secure Highways 1 & 2, North of Baghdad.

Operation Silver Tower-
NATO Exercise in the Norwegian Sea. Sep/Oct 1968.

Operation Soda Mountain-
12-17 July, 2003; objective was to increase reconnaissance and presence throughout Iraq, to deter, disrupt & rapidly defeat attacks on coalition forces.

Operation Southern Watch-
The monitoring of the Southern No-Fly Zone of Iraq; following the Persian Gulf War. 1 March, 1991- 1 March, 2003.

Operation Strangle-
31 May, 1951; UN air interdiction against Rail & Road routes in Northeastern Korea.

Operation Strike Back-
NATO naval exercise in September 1957.

Operation Swarmer-
Joint US/Iraqi operation to capture insurgents in Northwestern Iraq. 15-17 March, 2006.

Operation Swift Pursuit-
Amphibious Operations in Vietnam, during 1968.

Operation Tear Drop-
Increased shore defenses & anti-submarine warfare along the US East Coast, to intercept U-Boats with V-2 rockets. The Operation was based on faulty intelligence.

Operation Thot Not-
Cross Border Reconnaissance into Cambodia, using Special Forces. 8 April, 1971 to 28 January, 1973.

Operation Torch-
The Invasion of North Africa. 7-8 November 1942.

Operation Thursday-
6 March, 1944; Invasion of Burma.

Operation Urgent Fury-
The Gernada Invasion in 1983; after Cuban Nationals threatened to overthrow the islands government.

Operation Unified Assistance-
The Tsunami Disaster Relief Effort to Indonesia & Sri Lanki from 31 December, 2004 to February 2005.

Operation Uphold Democracy-
The Invasion of Haiti; to reinstall their overthrown President Aristed, in September 1994.

Operation Varsity-Plunder-
23 March, 1945; Gliders dropped 2 Airborne Divisions, and military hardware behind the German lines, across the Rhine River.

Operation Vengeance-
The shoot down of Admiral Yamamoto, by P-38 fighters over Bougainville on 18 April, 1943.

Operation Vigilant Sentinel-
Air Ops over Iraq, in 1995.

Operation Vittles-
June 1948- May 1949; the Berlin Airlift.

Operation War Dance-
17 July, 1951. US Navy Destroyers engaged in evasive maneuvers against Songin, Korea. This operation is better known as the “Battle of the Buzz-Saw”.

Operation Watchtower-
The Invasion and Battles for Guadalcanal. November 1942- January 1943.

Operation Wigwam-
The underwater testing of a 30 kiloton Hydrogen Thermonuclear device. 3-20 May, 1955.

Operation Windmill I-
13 September, 1951; the resupply of Marines by helicopter airlift. A first for the helicopter community.

Operation Yo-Yo-
The Invasion of Wonsan Harbor. 26 September, 1950; during the Korean War.

(Nickname) Ordinance handlers, wearing red shirts on a carrier.

Orient Express-
(Squadron Nickname) 459th Airlift Squadron, flying the C-21 Lear.

1. Codeword for the letter O.
2. Allied Codename for the Japanese Nakajima Ki-43, fighter.

Oscar Brothers-
(Nickname) Commanding Officer (CO) and the Executive Officer (XO), onboard a ship.

(Squadron Nickname) 704th Fighter Squadron, flying the F-16 Falcon. (Disestablished)

Owl- The Curtiss O-52, observation aircraft that saw service in the dark days of World War II.

(Nickname) USS Ozbourn DD-846, a Gearing Class Destroyer.

The 102nd Infantry Division, that served during World War II in Europe.

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