Military Abbreviations, Nicknames and Slang Terms
Beginning with K
Compiled by Jon Stacy

(Nickname) The Mk 6 depth charge, gun projectors. Used onboard USN destroyers during World War II & Korea.

A survival knife used during the Vietnam War.

Kaiser Coffin-
(Nickname) US Liberty Ship of World War II. Nicknamed so for the quickness that they sank and/or broke up after being torpedoed, or were damaged in rough seas.

Kando Kangaroo- (Nickname) USS Canberra CA-70/CAG-2, a Baltimore Class Heavy Cruiser.

Kangaroo Express-
(Nickname) USS Growler SS-215, during World War II.

The Beech AT-11, a bombardier trainer of World War II.

Kansas Coyotes-
(Squadron Nickname) 117th Air Refueling Squadron, that flies the KC-135 for the Kansas Air National Guard.

(Squadron Nickname) 18th Air Refueling Squadron, which flies the KC-135.

(Allied Codename) Japanese Nakajima B5N, Torpedo Bomber.

KC Hawgs-
(Squadron Nickname) 303rd Fighter Squadron, that currently operates the A-10 Thunderbolt II.

(NATO Codename) Soviet AS-5, air to surface missile.

(NATO Codename) Soviet AS-1, air to surface missile.

Kenney Cocktail-
(Nickname) A 100 pound white phosphorous bomb. Named after General George Kenney.

(NATO Codename) Soviet AS-7, air to surface missile.

(Squadron Nickname) VFA-137, which flies the F/A-18 Hornet.

The 28th Infantry Division, that served in World War I and in Europe in World War II.

The Israel Aircraft Industries F-21A, that was loaned to the Marines in the early 1990’s, for aggressor training. Name meant“Lion Cub”.

(Short) Killed In Action.

An aircrew member who shoves or drops supplies onto forces below.

Kickin’ Ass-
1. (Squadron Nickname) 95th Reconnaissance Squadron, that operates the RC-135.
2. (Squadron Nickname) 148th Fighter Squadron, that flies the F-16 Falcon for the Arizona Air National Guard.

Kicking Mules-
(Squadron Nickname) 95th Bomb Squadron, that flew the B-26 Invader in the Korean War.

King Cobra-
The Bell P-63, ground attack fighter, of World War II.

1. The Vought SB2U, battleship/cruiser borne scout plane, of World War II.
2. NATO Codename for the Soviet AS-6, air to surface missile.

King Neptune’s Savings Bank-
(Slang) An Illegal Money Reserve, among sailors.

(Squadron Nickname) 71st Rescue Squadron, that flies the HC-130 Hercules.

Kill Cavalry-
(Nickname) General Judson “Hugh” Kilpatrick, USA; of the Civil War.

(Acronym) Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Kit Carsons-
(Slang) Former Viet Cong guerrillas hired as combat scouts for US and South Vietnamese forces.

(NATO Codename) Soviet AS-3 and AS-4, air to surface missiles.

Kitchen Police-
A group assigned to assist in the chow hall. Better known as “KP Duty”.

1. (Slang) A Non Flying Officer.
2. (Slang) A student pilot, who hasn’t flown solo yet.
3. (Slang, WWII, Pacific) New Zealand or anyone from New Zealand.

(Nickname) The Bell P-400 (P-39C Airacobra).

Knight Hawks-
(Squadron Nickname) VFA-136, that currently operates the F/A-18 Hornet.

Knight Riders-
1. (Squadron Nickname) VA-52, that flew the AD Skyraider, & the A-6 Intruder. (Disestablished)
2.(Squadron Nickname) HMM(T)-164, that operates the CH-46 Sea Knight.

(Slang) Term applied to shooting down an aircraft.

Komet- The Messerschmitt Me-163, rocket fighter.

Kondor- The Focke-Wulf Fw-200B, transport.

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