Military Abbreviations, Nicknames and Slang Terms
Beginning with E
Compiled by Jon Stacy

Eager Beaver-
(Slang) An usually busy or diligent person.

Eager Beavers-
1. (Squadron Nickname) 114th Fighter Squadron that operates the F-15 Eagle for the
Oregon Air National Guard.
2. (Squadron Nickname) 72nd Helicopter Squadron, that operated the UH-1 Iroquois. (Disestablished)

1. The Fisher P-75 fighter. A hybrid concept during World War II.
2. McDonnell-Douglas F-15, Air Superiority Fighter.

Eagle Airlifters-
(Squadron Nickname) 36th Airlift Squadron that flies the C-130 Hercules.

Eagle Keepers-
(Squadron Nickname) 101st Fighter Squadron that flies the F-15 Eagle for the Massachusetts
Air National Guard.

Eagle of the Sea-
(Nickname) USS Tarawa LHA-1; a Tarawa Class Amphibious Assault Ship.

Eagle Squadron-
Squadrons made up of US Volunteer pilots in the Royal Air Force, during the Battle of Britain in 1941.

1. (Squadron Nickname) 334th Fighter Squadron, that operated the F-86 Sabre & the F-16 Falcon. Served during the Korean War.
2. (Squadron Nickname) VA/VFA-115 that operated the A-6 Intruder and F/A-18 Hornet. The squadron renamed themselves the Eagles after being known as the “Arabs”.
3. (Squadron Nickname) 715th Bomb Squadron, flew the B-47 Stratojet and the B-2 Spirit. (Disestablished)

Earth Pig-
(Nickname) General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark.

Former Codeword for the letter E.

Easy Riders-
(Squadron Nickname) HSL-37, that operates the SH-60 Sea Hawk.

Codeword for the letter E.

(Nickname) General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark.

(Korea) Any Helicopter.

Eight Ballers-
1. (Squadron Nickname) 8th Flying Training Squadron, that operates the T-37 Tweet.
2. (Squadron Nickname) HS-8 that flies the SH-60 Seahawk.
3. (Squadron Nickname) HT-8 that flies the TH-57.

Eight Balls-
1. (Squadron Nickname) VMF-123, that operated the F4F Wildcat & the F4U Corsair, during World War II.
2. (Squadron Nickname) 72nd Helicopter Squadron that operated the UH-1 Iroquois. (Disestablished)

Eisenhower Jacket-
A jacket worn by the US Army and US Air Force after World War II.

Electric Jet-
(Nickname) General Dynamics/Lockheed F-16 Fighting Falcon.

Electric Whale-
(Nickname) Douglas A3D-1Q/2Q (EA-3) Skywarrior.

Emerald Knights-
1. (Squadron Nickname) 308th Fighter Squadron, that flies the F-16 Fighting Falcon.
2. (Squadron Nickname) HS-75 that flies the SH-60 Seahawk.

(Allied Codename) Kawanishi H8K Flying Boat.

Ensign Smasher-
1. A naval training aircraft.
2. Training Carriers (USS Saipan CVL-48, USS Wright CVL-49, USS Monterey CVL-26,
USS Antietam CVS-36, & USS Lexington CVT/AVT-16).

Enterprise Bay-
(Nickname) USS Enterprise CV-6. Received the nickname because she was the smallest of the large fleet carrier at the end of World War II.

(Short) Explosive Ordinance Disposal.

Eppe Maru-
(Nickname) USS Epperson DD-719, a Gearing Class Destroyer.

(Short, WWII) European Theater of Operations.

Evil I-
(Nickname) USS Intrepid CV/CVA/CVS-11, an Essex Class Aircraft Carrier.

(Nickname) Beech C-45 Voyager.

The McDonnell-Douglas KC-10A, Air Refueling Tanker.

Former Codeword for the letter X.

Eyeball Liberty-
(Slang) Looking at women while on duty, or standing guard.

Eyes of the Eagle-
(Squadron Nickname) 962nd AACS, that flies the E-3 Sentry.

Eyes of the Pacific-
(Squadron Nickname) 961st AACS, that flies the E-3 Sentry.

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